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Jakobssons Fläder

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Tobacco, elderflower, notes of green apple.
Jakobssons Fläder has a fresh taste of elderflower with notes of green apple. These flavors harmonize well with the tobacco. This snus has a regular sized pouch.
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Jakobsson’s Fläder portion snus

Manufactured by Gotlandssnus in Gotland, Sweden, Jakobsson’s Fläder is classed as an Original type portion meaning that it goes thru an additional step in the manufacturing process. This additional step adds a few drops of water to each portion prior to being placed in the can. This allows the tobaccos to meld with the flavors added and provides an instant burst of flavor when you put it in the lip. Each portion of Jakobsson’s Fläder has approximately 14 mg. of Nicotine and there are 20 portions in each can. The material that Gotlandssnus uses for Jakobsson’s Fläder is the same soft, tea bag like material and is comfortable in the lip for over two hours. We know the question on your lips is what does it taste like so, let’s get into the flavor of Jakobsson’s Fläder!

Jakobssons’s Fläder is an Elderflower flavored portion snus and while Elderflower is a popular flavoring in Scandinavia, most in the US really have no idea. Elderflower flavor has a taste that’s similar to green apples, without the tartness and goes really well with the earthy and herbal notes from the tobaccos that Gotlandssnus uses for Jakobsson’s Fläder. What we taste in Fläder is the earthy and slightly herbal notes from the tobaccos and a hint of lightly sweet, green apples. Experienced snus users will like Jakobsson’s Fläder as a flavor change up in their normal rotation. While this is what we think, we want to hear your thoughts so be sure to leave a review of your own, we’ll be waiting to read it!

Product Info Flavored, Portion
Nicotine (mg/g) 10
Portion Weight (g) 1
Water (%) 45
Flavor Elderflower
Brand Jakobsson's
Manufacturer Gotlandssnus
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 20
Net Weight (oz) 0.71