Mudjug The Patriot Spittoon

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Portable, spill-resistant spittoon.

Mudjug The Patriot Spittoon is a portable spill resistant spittoon for dip and chew. This Mudjug comes with the new and improved funnel with easy removal tab. This Mudjug design has a high gloss clear coat finish and every Patriot Mudjug is unique based on where the product is dipped in the hydro film pattern, Which means that your Mudjug may not be exactly as the picture. The dimensions is: H 425 inches x W 475 inches (108 cm x 121cm). This cup can hold 6 ounces (ca 1774 ml). Mudjug The Patriot Spittoon is manufacturred by Mudjug and you can find more news and classic spittoon under "news" and on the Mudjug brand page.
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Brand Mudjug
Manufacturer Mud Jug
Material Plastic
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