Snus Brands - A Breakdown

Snus is a moist form of snuff that can be purchased either loose or in portions. Users tend to place it under their top lips and leave it there for 20 minutes – allowing the nicotine to be absorbed into their bloodstream. The main aspects that differentiate snus and snuff is the lack of spitting required when using snus, and the fact that snus is steam-pasteurized and moist vs. American dip which is not pasteurized and requires spitting. Below is a breakdown of various popular brands, their history, and top products. Note that not all of these brands are for sale on Northerner US site.

Snus & Manufacturer Brands

Ace Superwhite AG Snus Al Capone Another Snus Factory Catch Chainsaw Ettan Fiedler & Lundgren General GN Tobacco
Göteborgs Prima Fint Göteborgs Rapé Gotlandssnus Granit House of Oliver Twist Icetool Ink Jakobssons Kaliber Kapten
Kickup Knekt Knox Kronan LD Lenny's Cut Loop Lundgrens LYFT Mocca
    Mustang Nick & Johnny Nordic Snus Nordic Spirit Odens Swedish Match