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This brand is one of the best premium brands for nicotine pouches. Après has innovative products with unique flavours such as lemon curd and ice tea peach.

The pouches come in various forms and strengths. While the less intense Après pouches can be enjoyed by regular users, frequent users can opt for the extra strong pouches.

Après Nicotine Pouches

The brand strives to give you nicotine pouches of many flavours. Après has popular flavours such as menthol & mint, citrus, fruit, and more. Here you will find flavours with a taste of everything from cinnamon to sweet peaches.

Features of Après Nicotine Pouches
  • - Après Snuff Flavours: Coffee, fruit, cola, citrus, liquorice, berry, and menthol
  • - Nicotine: 8MG/G — 15MG/G
  • - Smoke and tobacco free product
  • - Strength: Less intense to extra strong
Nicotine Strengths

Products from Après come in varying levels of nicotine strength. They have extra strong, normal strong, strong, and less intense. You can freely choose the product with your preferred nicotine strength.

Why buy Après products?

The aim of the brand is to give you the optimal experience whilst also caring for the environment. Après products and packaging are sourced from plant-based materials. The smoke-free and stain-free nicotine pouches captivate your emotions and help create memories.