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Fumi Nicotine Pouches

The Fumi brand is manufactured by The Snus Brothers and is on a quest to create the perfect product. Fumi offers premium, tobacco-free nicotine pouches in a range of innovative flavours.

Additionally, Fumi crafts its nicotine pouches using the highest quality raw materials in collaboration with the market's leading aroma houses and paper manufacturers.

Fumi Nicotine Pouches

Fumi pouches are all-white pouches with nicotine. Along with nicotine, these pouches also come with a range of different flavours as well. 

What makes Fumi Nicotine Pouches different?
  • - Unique flavours
  • - Developed with leading aroma houses
  • - The highest-quality raw materials
  • - Fumi snuff is extensively tested to guarantee quality
  • - Easy to use
  • - Tobacco-free
Xtreme flavours

Fumi comes in a range of innovative flavours, spanning fruits, mint, and cola. All flavours feature the same fast-release and long-lasting taste experience. Pouches are available in a range of nicotine strengths to suit every taste, from 4 mg/pouch to 16 mg/gram.

The softest pouches

Cans contain 20 slim pouches in Fumi's exclusive soft and white nonwoven material. The pouches have the highest possible release, optimally balancing aroma and nicotine. Fumi promises the taste will last longer and feel fresher under the lip.

Certified quality

Fumi undertakes continuous testing to refine its product and reach its goal of perfection. The Eurofins test institute also independently tests these nicotine pouches, giving them a certified confirmation of quality.