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Tacja Elf Bar Nicotine Pouches Review

Recently, Elf Bar (best known for their range of vape product) ventured into nicotine pouches - launching the Elf Bar Tacja nicotine pouches. But what are they worth trying? Check out the latest expert Tacja Elf Bar nicotine pouches review, looking at the most important factors you should look at when choosing a nicotine pouch: flavours, strengths, price and overall experience. Our in-house expert shares her thoughts. 

Features of the Tacja Snus Range

Tacja Elf Bar Nicotine Pouches Review

Before reviewing the ins and outs of Tacja snus, it is important to know the basic facts about the range of Tacja pouches. Some of the main things to know about the Tacja snus range are: 

  • 8 Different Flavours to choose from
  • 3 Different Nicotine Strength Options
  • 20 Pouches per Can
  • Semi-Dry, Slim Pouches

Tacja Elf Bar Flavours

The perks of the Elf Bar nicotine pouch range is that they not only have 8 flavours to choose from, but have flavours that are familiar to Elf Bar users (such as Watermelon Ice). Overall, their flavour range caters well to a range of different palettes which is good to see from a brand new nicotine pouch brand. 

For this review, we tested 2 different flavours: one from their freezing category and one from their mellow flavour category. Read on for a full review of the Tacja Mint and Tacja Watermelon Ice nicotine pouches.

Tacja Mint Nicotine Pouches


"The Tacja Mint snus, as the name suggests, has a focus on mint flavours. These pouches combine a medley of spearmint and peppermint for a sweet yet cooling mint pouch experience. In all honesty, these were better than expected, however it is missing the consistency of the flavour. I felt like when I first parked the pouch, I was hit with a wave of very intense flavour that then just suddenly declined after a few minutes and continued to decline, rather than spreading the flavour consistently throughout using the pouch (however, this could also be in part due to the high levels of nicotine in these pouches). However, I loved the flavour and would recommend the flavour to any mint nicotine pouch user looking to try something new - but Elf Bar could look to improve the release experience." 

Tacja Watermelon Nicotine Pouches

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"One of the top rated Elf Bar 600 flavours, this one had to be in the list of flavours tried for this review to see how these match up. These pouches are definitely now my favourite from the Tacja snus range, giving me that sweet flavour I like without being too sweet. As described, the flavour balances and initial prominent sweet watermelon flavour with a slight menthol ice undertone to cut through the sweetness. Again, the flavour of these pouches did decline over time - and I would love to have that same flavour impact throughout. These pouches bring a unique flavour to nicotine pouch users and I am sure will become a popular choice with UK nicotine pouch users in no time!"

Tacja Elf Bar Nicotine Strengths

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

"These pouches are rather unique not just from a flavour perspective, but also a nicotine strength perspective. Tacja snus launched with 3 strengths that all sit in the extra strong category: 12mg, 18mg and 20mg of nicotine per pouch.
I found that these strengths felt quite intense, even as a regular nicotine pouch user (I typically use pouches that are around 8-10mg per pouch) I would recommend starting with a lower nicotine strength then work up if needs be. While I like they have a strong set of pouches, it would be great if they could cater to a different set of nicotine pouch users too by offering lower options also."

Tacja Elf Bar Prices

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Tacja prices start at £3.29 per can on Haypp, which is similar to other nicotine pouches. It is great that there is the choice to buy multipacks, not only so you always have your favourite flavour of Tacja snus on hand but also so you get the best price per can.

Tacja Elf Bar Nicotine Pouches: Overall Verdict

RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Overall, considering these are still new and have some way to go in becoming established in the nicotine pouch space, the Tacja snus is a solid choice for nicotine pouch users who like an extra strong nicotine pouch, or Elf Bar vape users who are looking to get the same flavour in a new way. They have a solid range of flavours and have a good pouch design.  The main cons are that their range is only available with extra strong nicotine strengths and that the release is lacking consistency, but they are a convenient and flavourful brand that will continue to develop over time. When we get more nicotine strength options and the experience is refined a bit more, it will get the full 5 stars. 

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