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We have submitted our contribution to the EU’s Call for Evidence on tobacco control – here is a summary of it

Risk reduction through alternative nicotine products was the primary focus of our submission when the European Commission held a Call for Evidence on the legal framework for tobacco control. The Call for Evidence initiative lays the foundations for the EU's future work on tobacco control.

Tobacco consumption is responsible for nearly 700 000 deaths yearly in the European Union. In the short time nicotine pouches have been on the market; they have become an indispensable tool for quitting smoking. Many of our customers are ex-smokers who have stopped smoking thanks to nicotine pouches. We believe it is of utmost importance that the EU embrace a risk reduction perspective when evaluating the current legislative framework on tobacco control. The more harmful a product is, the stricter the rules shall be, and vice versa.

Nicotine pouches are not regulated under the EU's Tobacco Product Directive. In the absence of regulation, we have developed a product standard with others in the industry that we believe the EU should see as a benchmark when developing product-specific regulations.

In addition, we ask that the following aspects, among others, be considered:

- Nicotine pouches should be regulated, not prohibited
- Cross-border distance sales should be possible
- A clear distinction must be made between e-commerce and social media
- A uniform application of age-verification requirements must be ensured
- Product-specific regulation must allow for incentives for consumers to switch to less harmful products

You can read our response to the European Commission, submitted by our parent company Haypp Group, here.

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