XQS Original Loose Nicotine Free Snus

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For a traditional tobacco-like taste without the tobacco and nicotine, try XQS original loose nicotine free snus. 


Nicotine free



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XQS Original Loose Nicotine Free Swedish Snus

XQS Original Lössnus is a tobacco and nicotine free alternative to loose snus but full of the flavour you've always enjoyed. Just place it in between your lip and gum and you'll get that flavour kick for up to an hour. With an innovative cutting edge delivery system, XQS original loose will bring you pleasure every time. 

XQS Original Loose: No Nicotine. All Flavour. 

This products offers the enjoyment of traditional tobacco, but with zero nicotine. They're an effective and flavoursome way to get what you crave. 

The XQS Brand

XQS International is a market leader in the world of nicotine pouches. Famous for their nicotine-free range, they pride themselves on innovation and flavour. They are providing a large variety of smoke-free products at reasonable prices and ensuring there's always enough to go around for you and your friends. 

Short facts
Brand XQS
Flavour Liquorice
Format Loose
Strength Nicotine free
Product type Nicotine Free
Content per can (gram) 52
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 0
Producer XQS International


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