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Copenhagen vs Grizzly Review


When it comes to smokeless tobacco brands, Copenhagen and Grizzly are two popular choices you can find on Northerner. Many people find themselves comparing Copenhagen vs Grizzly, trying to decide which one is right for them. In this guide, we'll closely examine the differences between Copenhagen and Grizzly, including the brand, flavors, cut options, and more. Whether you're a loyal chewing tobacco user or simply curious about smokeless tobacco, this comparison will help you understand the differences between Grizzly vs Copenhagen.


Grizzly vs Copenhagen Chewing Tobacco: Overview


In our review, we compare Grizzly vs Copenhagen chewing tobacco based on 5 main categories: brand, flavor options, cut options, price and availability. 





 About the Brand Grizzly is an American brand introduced in 2001. It is made by the American Snuff Company. Copenhagen was born in 1822, produced by U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company. 
 Flavor Options There are 4 flavor varieties. There are 3 flavor varieties and 2 non-flavored varieties.
 Cut Options

There are 3 different cut options.

There are 2 different cut options.


Prices from $5.46 per can.

Prices from $5.15 per can.


Northerner offers all Grizzly Tobacco products.

Northerner offers all Copenhagen Tobacco products.



Grizzly vs Copenhagen Brands

It is always good to look at the differences between the brands themselves before looking through the product options. Here is the information about Grizzly and Copenhagen. 


  • Grizzly. Grizzly Tobacco, owned by the American Snuff Company, offers bold and robust flavors. It was introduced in 2001, producing a variety of smokeless tobacco products including long-cut dip, fine-cut dip, and pouches.


  • Copenhagen. Copenhagen, born in 1822, is owned by the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company. Their range of smokeless tobacco products including long-cut dip, fine-cut dip, and pouches are made with 100% American tobacco. 


Grizzly vs Copenhagen Flavor Options

The differences in flavor options between Copenhagen and Grizzly cater to different preferences within the smokeless tobacco community. Copenhagen’s range has 5 flavor options, with three flavored and two non-flavored tobacco varieties whereas Grizzly has four flavored options in their range. 

Copenhagen is known for having more non-flavored tobacco options. Their range contains Southern Blend, Wintergreen and Mint flavors as well as the non-flavored Original, Natural and Straight varieties to cater to users who prefer the classic tobacco flavor.  Grizzly, however, stands out with a wider range of flavored chewing tobacco options, including wintergreen, mint, straight and natural. 

Ultimately, personal taste and preference play a significant role in choosing between the flavor options offered by Copenhagen and Grizzly.


Grizzly vs Copenhagen Cut Options

The differences in cut options between Copenhagen and Grizzly offer users a range of classic chewing tobacco cut choices. Both Grizzly and Copenhagen offer fine cut and long cut options, however Grizzly has a wide cut and pouch option (whereas Copenhagen has pouches and packs options).  Personal preference in terms of texture, feel, and duration of the smokeless tobacco experience will determine the choice between the cut options offered between Copenhagen vs Grizzly.

Copenhagens fine-cut tobacco products are their best selling products on Northerner: Copenhagen fine cut options are finely processed. However, Grizzly’s long cuts are their most popular options with Northerner customers. The Grizzly long cut tends to be slightly larger and coarser, providing a different texture and feel. 


Grizzly vs Copenhagen Prices

The differences in Copenhagen vs Grizzly prices on Northerner are minimal. As an example, if we compare two similar products from Grizzly and Copenhagen, here are the differences in price (last updated January 2024). 

Comparing the prices of Grizzly Wintergreen vs Copenhagen Wintergreen:




Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut  Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut
Lowest Price Per Can: $5.65 Lowest Price Per Can: $5.43

Pack Sizes on Northerner:

  • 1 Pack - one can of Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut
  • 5 Pack - five cans of Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut
  • 10 Pack - 1 roll of Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut
  • 25 Pack - 25 cans of Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut

Pack Sizes on Northerner:

  • 1 Pack - one can of Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut
  • 5 Pack - 1 roll of Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut
  • 10 Pack - 2 rolls of Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut
  • 25 Pack - 5 rolls of Copenhagen Wintergreen Long Cut
Weight Per Can: 1.2oz Weight Per Can: 1.2oz


Grizzly vs Copenhagen Availability

When comparing the availability of Copenhagen vs Grizzly, you can find the full range of Copenhagen and Grizzly chewing tobacco are available on Northerner.
Whether you want to buy Grizzly tobacco or buy Copenhagen tobacco, you can order them on Northerner straight to your door. Shop all snuff & dip tobacco products and all dip brands with shipping straight from our warehouses across the U.S.




NOTE: You can only buy tobacco products online in the U.S. if you are 21 years of age or older.  However, there are some local and state restrictions on the sale of smokeless tobacco.  It is important to note that all Smokeless Tobacco is shipped requiring an adult signature upon delivery, no matter which state you are ordering to.

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