Flavoured Snus

In this section, we've categorized all of our different snus flavours in one place to make it easier for you to find your perfect fit. Maybe it's a classic and cold mint, or maybe a refreshing fruit punch. No matter what, we'll guide you to your perfect match through the lists below. Scroll down and read more about the differences!


Welcome to our snus citrus section! Here you are able to find any product with just a hint of citrus - no matter if it's lemon, lime, or orange - from famous snus brands like ZYN, Lyft, and Nordic Spirit. 


Mint & Menthol

Welcome to the Mint & Menthol snus section, the most legendary and classic flavour when it comes to nicotine pouches and snus. 

With a great range of different kinds of mint you are able to pick anything from spearmint and sweet mint to menthol and peppered mint from snus brands like Thunder, ZYN, LYFT, Siberia and White Fox.


Fruity portions are obviously hard to define by writing since the range of differences is extreme. it's basically like drawing a bowl of fruit and knowing what to put where.

In our snus assortment, you'll find nicotine pouches and snus with a taste of everything from apple and mango to coconut, sour cactus, and kiwi. Take your pick!


In our wide assortment of nicotine pouches and snus with Berry flavour, you'll find everything from portions with taste of Blueberry and black currant to red berries and strawberry from famous brands like VELO, Göteborgs Rapé and Skruf.

Characteristic for Berry flavoured pouches are a sweet and sour taste together with a long-lasting release.


Get up in the morning or treat yourself with a nice energizing boost after lunch with these coffee flavoured snus and nicotine pouches.

In our assortment, you'll find many different twists of coffee flavour, like cafe latte, cafe caramel or a hint of burnt sugar. In the coffee segment, you are able to find great products from famous brands like ZYN, ON! and VOLT. 


Licorice or Liquorice, however you decide to spell it, the flavour is still there with the characteristic sweet, salty, and bitter taste.

Our assortment contains lots of different kinds of licorice from sweet to salty from many different snus and nicotine pouches brands like Lyft, Loop and Skruf. 

Other Flavours

Some of the snus and nicotine pouches in our assortment do either have a very specific or very unique kind of flavour that are hard to categorize. Therefore we created the Other section.

- In the Other section, you're able to find nicotine pouches, chewing tobacco and nicotine-free snus alternatives in flavors like cinnamon and spicy cola to chili and a more classic tobacco taste in our chewing bags from General and Göteborgs Rapé.