Loop Mint Mania Slim Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches

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Icy mint taste

LOOP is an entirely new brand, from an entirely new manufacturer, Another Snus Factory. Mint Mania has an icy mint taste that will leave you feeling refreshed! This is an extra strong nicotine pouch.

LOOP's pouches come in the world's first environmentally friendly snus can, which they call the PlantCan. It's made of 50% plant based material and 50% recycled plastic, and was developed by Another Snus Factory in order to reduce the environmental impact of their products!

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Unit type can
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Brand LOOP
Manufacturer Another Snus Factory
Nicotine Level Extra strong
Flavor Mint
Product Info Tobacco Free, Slim, All White
Nicotine (mg/g) 15
Portion Weight (g) 0.625
Core flavor Mint
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 12.5
Net Weight (oz) 0.44
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