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LOOP Nicotine Pouches

LOOP nicotine pouches are a range of all white pouches made by Another Snus Factory. Choose from their range of unique flavours and enjoy long lasting release with their unique nicotine technology (Instant RushTM technology). Order LOOP nicotine pouches on Northerner with fast, free shipping!


LOOP Nicotine Pouches in the UK

In the UK, LOOP nicotine pouches have become known for offering tobacco-free alternatives. LOOP nicotine pouches are available in a range of nicotine strengths to cater to different nicotine pouch users. The Swedish manufacturer Another Snus Factory that founded LOOP with a vision to create innovative products with unique features, such as their InstantRush™ technology.

LOOP nicotine pouches are not just any old nicotine pouches, they represent a commitment to excellence. Order these nicotine pouches on Haypp with customer service lines available to provide you with support at any stage.

LOOP Flavours and Pouch Sizes

LOOP nicotine pouches come in a variety of unique flavours, such as the popular Mint Mania and Jalapeno Lime, and formats, including Mini, Slim, and Normal. These all white nicotine pouches offer a convenient and tobacco-free way to enjoy nicotine. LOOP's new unique nicotine technology is evident in every pouch, offering a consistent nicotine release throughout - no matter if you choose a LOOP mini pouch or LOOP regular pouch.

Their dedication to providing quality tobacco-free products combined with their commitment to creating environmentally friendly cans makes LOOP nicotine a popular choice.

About the LOOP Flavours

LOOP pouches come in a range of different flavours to suit most nicotine pouch users. Each flavour is crafted to provide a distinct flavour without compromising on the experience you get from these all white pouches. LOOP nicotine pouches, including the Mint Mania variety, are produced without the use of tobacco, ensuring a tobacco-free experience.

You can find a range of unique flavours from LOOP nicotine including:

  • - Habanero Mint
  • - Mint Mania
  • - Jalapeno Lime
  • - Red Chili Melon
  • - Hot Mango
  • - Hot Rhubarb
  • - Cassis Bliss
  • - Mango Tango
  • - Licorice Fusion
  • - Sicily Spritz
  • - Salty Ludicris

The Different LOOP Pouch Formats

The format of the all white pouches from LOOP are designed to suit a variety of preferences. LOOP pouches come in two different sizes: Mini and Slim. The main difference between these is the size of the pouch and the nicotine strength options available. LOOP Mini nicotine pouches come in lower nicotine strength options and the pouch is a little bit more compact vs the regular LOOP nicotine pouches. However, no matter whether you choose the Mini or Regular pouches, LOOP provides tobacco-free nicotine products that fit comfortably and discreetly.

LOOP Strength

LOOP nicotine strengths vary, offering a range of strengths from Normal to Hyper Strong. The LOOP products sold on Haypp come in 4 different nicotine strength options.


StrengthNicotine Content per Pouch
Normal (available in Mini pouches)6.8 mg
Strong9.4 mg
Extra Strong12.5 mg
Hyper Strong15.6 mg


These chalk white pouches are made with tobacco-free nicotine - making them not only free from tobacco but also smoke-free as well.

Buy LOOP Tobacco-Free Snus Online

LOOP nicotine pouches are available for purchase online, offering fast shipping and continuous discounts. Customers ordering LOOP can expect excellent customer service and low prices on all products, including the highly sought-after Mint Mania flavour. LOOP nicotine pouches are among the top brands in the UK, providing a tobacco-free snus alternative that adheres to UK law.

About LOOP Nicotine Pouches

LOOP is a Swedish brand that has quickly become a top brand in the nicotine pouch market. Founded with a commitment to innovation, LOOP's products are made using plant-based material and recycled plastic. The brand's InstantRush™ technology ensures that LOOP nicotine pouches provide a quick nicotine kick and a long-lasting nicotine release.


What is LOOP?

LOOP is a brand specializing in all white nicotine pouches, available in a range of nicotine strengths and flavours.

Is LOOP snus?

LOOP is not snus, it is a tobacco-free snus alternative.

How to use LOOP nicotine pouches?

Place a LOOP nicotine pouch under the upper lip and leave it there. Once the pouch stops releasing flavour, remove the pouch and dispose of it.

How many pouches are in a LOOP can?

A regular LOOP can contains 22 all white nicotine pouches.

Who owns LOOP?

LOOP is owned by Another Snus Factory.

Are LOOP Nicotine Pouches Safe?

LOOP nicotine pouches do contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance.