Ace Superwhite Liquorice

Ace Superwhite Liquorice Review

Flavor - 4/5

Distinct and clear flavor of licorice with a hint of Mint.. I like it! The combination of the salmiak reminding flavor of licorice and that small hint of mint, that i feel only has the purpose to freshen up the pouches since it’s not that much of mint flavor, is really nice. Could wish for a little bit higher salt taste. 

Strength - 4/5

Well hello! This is more like my cup of tea. With a nicotine content of 8 mg per pouch, it feels stronger, this one really got me out of bed this morning! If you’re a regular user, this one is perfect if you’re looking for strong nicotine pouches.

Humidity - 4/5

Nice dry touch that gets the pouches to stay longer under the lip. In my opinion it could be a little bit more moist to boost the flavor. Are you looking for a less runny licorice pouch - go for this one!

Fit - 5/5

My oh my.. The softness is really something from the next level. If this scale would go to a thousand, I would be ready to give it 1001. Wow! The profile is slim and discreet and makes a perfect fit under the lip. I guess I don’t have to say more, Ace Supewhite Liquorice is just perfect.

Lasting 4/5

A nice balance of long lasting release of both nicotine and flavor - could ask for a stronger first kick, but hey.. that’s just my opinion. 

Using time: Aprox 40 minutes. 

Total - 21/25

A very well rounded nicotine pouch. It doesn’t have as many ”usps” as the Salty Ludicris, but at the same time a more balanced pouch from my point of view. My favorite attribute is the profile of this one.. I’m telling you, it is AMAZING! I mean, the softness.. Holy Moses! 

To the cons side, Ace Liquorice doesn’t really have any weaknesses, the only small thing that I’m able to think about is that the early nicokick could be a bit stronger. 


These nicotine pouches are recommended for: Regular & experienced users.


- Mr. H

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