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Camel Snus Flavors: A Full List and Expert Review


Camel Snus is a leading American snus brand, produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco. Since 2006, Camel snus has been a favorite among American snus users, and its popularity is largely due to its wide range of unique flavor profiles. We asked our Northerner snus experts to give their review of all the Camel snus flavours and rank the best Camel snus flavors. 



All the Camel Snus Flavors


Camel Snus offers a variety of traditional tobacco flavors, such as Frost, Mellow, Robust, and Winterchill, as well as alternative flavors like Mint, Citrus, and Frost Large. This extensive selection of flavors means that there is a snus pouch for the majority of adult snus users. The list of all Camel Snus flavors features 5 different options:


  • Camel Snus Frost
  • Camel Snus Mellow
  • Camel Snus Mint
  • Camel Snus Robust
  • Camel Snus Winterchill 


Camel Snus Frost


"Camel Frost (particularly Camel Frost Large) are some of the best known pouches from Camel Snus, plus they even made it to the list of the best snus pouches (a ranking of the top snus based on feedback from Northerner customers). 

Camel Frost Snus offers a flavor combination of classic tobacco with a subtle touch of menthol, giving a minty and cooling snus experience. This Camel snus is a popular choice with oral tobacco users that prefer American snus and like a pouch with a cooling taste and feel when parked."






Camel Snus Mellow


"Camel Mellow is another popular Camel snus flavor. This Camel snus flavor has a unique tobacco-centered taste, with a sweet tobacco aroma that is present from the moment you open the can. The long and slim portion fits snugly under the lip, and when placed, you'll taste a mix of sweet tobacco notes with a hint of spice. If you're looking for a tobacco-forward American snus flavor, this is the Camel snus flavor to consider trying."




Camel Snus Mint


"Camel Snus Mint flavored pouches feature a sweet mint flavor blended with the tobacco notes. When you open a can of Camel Snus Mint, the scent of peppermint is immediately noticeable - and the flavor is very similar with the strong, sweet flavor of peppermint being the main flavor note of these pouches."



Camel Snus Winterchill


"The moment you open a can of Camel Snus Winterchill, a sweet, wintergreen aroma greets you. The portions are slim yet lengthy, so they easily fit in place and remain dry to the touch, avoiding any dripping. With each portion, you can enjoy the flavor of wintergreen combined with distinctive notes of tobacco, making it a popular option with snus users who like a wintergreen-flavored snus."


Best Camel Snus Flavors on Northerner 


The top 3 most popular camel snus flavors with Northerner customers are:


  1. Camel Frost
  2. Camel Winterchill
  3. Camel Mellow


What Makes Camel Snus Flavors Popular?


The range of Camel Snus flavors caters towards the American snus user’s taste palette, featuring some of the most popular American flavors such as wintergreen and spiced flavors. However, what makes these Camel Snus popular is more than just the wide variety of flavor profiles. It also offers the convenience of pre-portioned pouches, making it easy for adult snus users to enjoy their snus at any time from anywhere. Their pouches come in a variety of sizes, from regular to large, so you can choose more than just flavor. 

If you are an adult smokeless tobacco user looking for a flavorful American snus experience, Camel Snus is a solid option. With the wide range of Camel Snus flavors and convenient pouches, there are plenty of options available. Whether you’re looking for traditional tobacco flavors or something a little more minty, there’s sure to be a Camel Snus flavor for most American snus users.



Where to Buy Different Camel Snus Flavors


You can buy any of the Camel Snus flavors on Northerner. Northerner has over 25 years experience, our range stocks the top smokeless tobacco products - including the full range of Camel Snus flavors. Order today for fast delivery from our warehouses across the U.S.