Welcome to the NEW Northerner

2020-08-26 • NEW Northerner • Team Northerner

Northerner has been online for almost as long as the internet itself. And we intend to be around for many years to come. That’s why we’ve recently implemented a major technical upgrade of our website.

We aim to offer the largest product range, the best prices and a superior digital shopping experience. This update makes us better equipped to deliver on these goals and continue to be the global market leader in smoke-free nicotine products online.

Excuse the mess, we're rebuilding

Like any major renovation, this upgrade has neither been frictionless nor without minor bugs. Thank you for your patience and understanding during these first weeks. We do everything we possibly can to make the site error free as quickly as possible.

If you encounter any bugs, deficiencies or errors while browsing our site – please help us out by reporting them to our customer service.

So, what has really changed?

The site has received a facelift and several technical upgrades. Examples of things that you as a customer might notice are:

✓ Improved overall user experience
✓ Improved “Member rewards”
✓ Improved search function
✓ Improved navigation
✓ Improved site speed
✓ Improved checkout

We’re very happy that you continue to join us on our journey! Don’t forget to visit our new store category "Savings & offers" to browse a complete listing of all products that currently have a reduced price.

Kind Regards,
Team Northerner