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Nordic Spirit Flavours

Nordic Spirit is now one of the most popular pouch brands in the UK thanks to iconic features including distinctive tin designs and varied pouch nicotine strengths. The use of unique flavours like bergamot has also helped to set Nordic Spirit apart for many users. The recent launch of an intense flavour range has taken Nordic Spirit’s already distinctive flavour palettes of fruit and mint tones to the next level.

Discover what you can expect from Nordic Spirit flavours when you browse the full range at Northerner. 

Nordic Spirit Flavour Range

When customers see the Nordic Spirit logo, they know to expect distinct and well-considered flavours. Nordic Spirit flavours are especially well known for including tones of bergamot and berries that aren’t found in any other brands, and which can last for up to an hour. The most popular Nordic Spirit flavours include Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry and Nordic Spirit Watermelon. 

Since the launch of the Intense flavour range, Nordic Spirit now has four new flavours. This puts them on par with established brands like VELO. Nordic Spirit flavours vary depending on a user’s tastes or preferences. We’ll guide you through the different flavour profiles Nordic Spirit offers below. 

Mint Flavours

Nordic Spirit mint flavour options provides instant menthol flavour, but ends in the fruity tones which create the taste that sets Nordic Spirit’s flavours apart. Explore our most popular mint blends below.

Berry Flavours

Berry flavours are synonymous with Nordic Spirit’s nicotine pouches, and include berry notes that are often complemented with the citrus tang of bergamot undertones and even sharp raspberry. Berry flavours are some of the most popular that Nordic Spirit offers and include the variations listed below.

Fruit Flavours

 If you’re looking for something else, then Nordic Spirit’s fruity flavours are a great option. Including tropical fruit notes, Nordic Spirit’s fruity nicotine pouches include flavours such as Watermelon and Elderflower.

Coffee Flavours

Nordic Spirit also offers a Mocha nicotine pouch flavour for coffee lovers looking to replicate their favourite beverage. 

Nordic Spirit’s Intense Range of Flavours

In 2024, Nordic Spirit introduced a new Intense Flavour range that includes the brand’s most distinct menthol experience ever. This range delivers an all-new Nordic Spirit flavour profile thanks to features including increased moisture content in each pouch, a softer, more comfortable pouch design, and four brand new flavours with quicker release, which include – 

  • - Nordic Spirit Sweet Mint: A sweet balance of mint tones, perfect for lovers of Spearmint or Mint. Sweet Mint nicotine pouches are available in regular 5.5mg, strong 8mg, or x strong 10.3mg. 
  • - Nordic Spirit Raspberry: Sharp and sweet tastes of raspberry flavour that are sure to suit anyone who already enjoys Nordic Spirit’s other berry blends. Raspberry nicotine pouches are available in regular 5.5mg pouches or strong 8mg pouches. 
  • - Nordic Spirit Frosty Berry: Peppermint and fruity berries blend in the Frosty Berry nicotine pouch, which is best for experienced users with nicotine strengths of strong 8mg and extra strong 10.3mg. 
  • - Nordic Spirit Frosty Mint: Also best for experienced users at 8mg or 10.3mg nicotine content, with explicit menthol tones that make up Nordic Spirit’s most minty blend to date. 

Different Nordic Spirit Flavour Formats

Whether users prefer mint or fruit nicotine pouches, Nordic Spirit offers a wide full range of flavours to suit every preference. To ensure that users' needs are always met, Nordic Spirit products are also available in two different formats, which includes slim and mini pouches and differ in how much nicotine they include depending on whether you want a normal- or stronger strength nicotine experience as follows –


Nordic Spirit offers mini pouches that are smaller and thinner than a standard nicotine pouch. A mini pouch fits neatly between your top or bottom lip and is available with a standard nicotine strength of 3mg. Mini pouches are only available in Spearmint-flavour at the moment.


The standard, slim nicotine pouch is Nordic Spirit’s most popular product, and is available in classic flavours like Watermelon and Elderflower, as well as new flavours from the Intense Range, such as Frosty Berry and Sweet Mint. Slim pouches are available in a variety of strengths that include regular 5.5mg, strong 8mg, and strong 10.3mg.

Mint-Normal 5.5mg, Strong 8mg, Extra Strong 10.3mg 
Frosty Mint-Strong 8mg, Extra Strong 10.3mg 
SpearmintNormal 3.2mgNormal 5.5mg, Strong 8mg, Extra Strong 10.3mg 
Sweet Mint-Normal 5.5mg, Strong 8mg, Extra Strong 10.3mg 
Frosty Berry-Strong 8mg, Extra Strong 10.3mg 
Bergamot Wildberry-Normal 5.5mg, Strong 8mg, Extra Strong 10.3mg 
Raspberry-Normal 5.5mg, Strong 8mg 
Watermelon-Normal 5.5mg 
Elderflower-Normal 5.5mg, Strong 8mg 
Mocha-Strong 8mg 

Our Bestselling Nordic Spirit Flavours

The best Nordic Spirit flavours are long-lasting and are a large part of the reason why customers return to Nordic Spirit pouches. Nordic Spirit’s Intense Range offers especially lasting flavours at varying nicotine strengths. Nordic Spirit’s use of bergamot also ensures unique and easily recognisable flavours that offer something different from other brands. 

Below we take a look at some of the our bestselling Nordic Spirit flavours:

Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry

The Bergamot Wildberry flavour is unique to Nordic Spirit pouches and includes tangy wild berry notes and citrus bergamot undertones. Bergamot Wildberry is one of Nordic Spirit’s first and most standout UK pouch flavours and is available in three different strengths, which are regular (6mg/pouch), strong (8mg/pouch), extra strong (10.3mg/pouch). Nordic Bergamot Wildberry pouches are also available in a slim tin design. 

Nordic Spirit Mint

Nordic Spirit’s Mint nicotine pouches blend menthol with sweet spearmint tones and are ideal for lovers of mint or menthol pouch flavours. Nordic Spirit’s Mint pouches are also available in a variety of formats, including standard 5.5mg, 8mg, and 10.3mg pouches, as well as mini pouches with a nicotine strength of 3.2mg. 

Nordic Spirit Watermelon

If you enjoy fruity nicotine pouches, then you might like Nordic Spirit’s Watermelon. With notes of tropical fruit sweetness, it is available in standard regular 5.5mg or strong 8mg pouches, as well as in a slim design tin.

Nordic Spirit Mocha

Nordic Spirit’s Mocha nicotine pouches offer something a little different for users who don’t typically choose minty or fruit-based products. Mocha pouches include a coffee flavour with chocolate undertones, best for experienced pouch users, as they come in with a standard strength of 8mg/pack. 

Nordic Spirit Flavour FAQ

How many pouches are in each Nordic Spirit tin?

Each Nordic Spirit flavour comes in cans of 20 nicotine pouches. 

How much nicotine is in each Nordic Spirit flavour?

While specific nicotine amounts vary across flavours, most standard Nordic Spirit flavours include nicotine amounts of regular 5.5mg, strong 8mg, and x strong 10.3mg.

How long do Nordic Spirit flavours last?

Most Nordic Spirit flavours last for between 40 minutes to 60 minutes, though the duration varies, with many users reporting longer-lasting duration from mint pouches or Nordic Spirit’s Intense Range. 

What’s the strongest Nordic Spirit flavour?

Nordic Spirit is known for their long-lasting flavour across all of their pouches, but pouches in the Intense Range, such as Nordic Spirit’s Frosty Mint provide especially strong flavour that are released over time.