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Nordic Spirit Strengths

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are available in 10 different flavours, two different pouch formats and three different strengths for you to choose from. Get to know Nordic Spirit strengths by learning all about their Regular, Strong and X-Strong range here on Northerner UK.

All Nordic Spirit Strengths

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are available in a range of strengths to help you find the most suitable product for you. You can buy nicotine pouches in either Regular, Strong or Extra Strong, as well as multipack sizes from Northerner - ensuring you always get the best value when buying nicotine pouches online.

You can buy Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches in different pack sizes, including: 1-, 5-, 10- or 20-packs. The more packets you buy, the better the value per pack.

Nordic Spirit Strength: Regular

For those nicotine users looking for a moderate or "normal" concentration of nicotine from their snus, Nordic Spirit Regular (◉◉◎◎) is a great choice - especially for those new to nicotine pouches. Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches come in two Regular strength varieties: 3.2mg of nicotine per pouch and 5.5mg of nicotine per pouch. Each can contains 20 pouches.

Regular Nicotine Strength Flavours

Regular is the lowest nicotine pouch strength from Nordic Spirit. You'll find this strength available across the entire Nordic Spirit flavour range in Slim pouches, with both Mint and Spearmint also available in the slightly smaller Mini pouch format. 

From sweet mint to wild berries, you can buy regular nicotine pouch strength in the following flavours:

  • - Nordic Spirit Mint (Mini & Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Spearmint (Mini & Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Watermelon (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Mocha (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Elderflower (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Raspberry (Slim)
  • - Nordic Spirit Sweet Mint (Slim)

Nordic Spirit Strength: Strong

Nordic Spirit Strong (◉◉◉◎) pouches are the next step up in terms of nicotine concentration and the most ordered amongst our customers with 8mg of nicotine per portion. Available across the whole flavour range in a Slim format, the soft, semi-dry pouch ensures minimal drip and long-lasting flavour for those who prefer their nicotine content a little stronger.

Strong Nicotine Strength Flavours

Strong Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are available in a range of flavours, giving you a little extra strength from your nicotine pouches.

You can choose from strong varieties of your favourite flavours, including mocha, raspberry or sweet watermelon. Recently launched nicotine pouches include Sweet Mint, Frosty Berry, Frosty Mint and Raspberry. Strong Nordic Spirit nicotine strengths are available in the following flavours:

  • - Nordic Spirit Mint (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Spearmint (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Watermelon (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Mocha (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Elderflower (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Raspberry (Slim)
  • - Nordic Spirit Sweet Mint (Slim)
  • - Nordic Spirit Frosty Berry (Slim)
  • - Nordic Spirit Frosty Mint (Slim)

Nordic Spirit Strength: Extra Strong

The strongest variety of Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches is, of course, Extra Strong or X-Strong (◉◉◉◉) as it's written on the label. These X-Strong pouches around 10mg of nicotine in each portion and 20 portions per can. They're available in many of Nordic Spirit's most popular flavours, for a more robust nicotine experience.

Extra Strong Flavours

X-Strong Nordic Spirit pouches provide maximum flavour, so you can enjoy Nordic spirit to the fullest. The newest varieties of X-Strong white nicotine pouches include Sweet Mint, Frosty Berry and Frosty Mint. The full range of X-Strong tobacco free nicotine pouches includes:

  • - Nordic Spirit Mint (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Spearmint (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry (Slim) 
  • - Nordic Spirit Frosty Berry (Slim)
  • - Nordic Spirit Frosty Mint (Slim)

Nordic Spirit Strengths Breakdown

Explore our full selection of available flavours across Nordic Spirit's three strength categories. While the Mini pouch format is restricted to one strength (Regular ◉◉◎◎) and two flavours (Mint and Spearmint), you shouldn't notice too much of a difference between them and the Slim pouches in terms of texture or mouth feel — they're simply a little smaller in size.

Regular: 3.2-5.5mg (◉◉◎◎)

Mini: Mint & Spearmint   

Slim: Mint, Spearmint, Watermelon, Mocha, Elderflower, Bergamot Wildberry, Raspberry & Sweet Mint

Strong: 8mg (◉◉◉◎)Mint, Spearmint, Watermelon, Mocha, Elderflower, Bergamot Wildberry, Raspberry, Sweet Mint, Frosty Berry & Frosty Mint
X-Strong: 10mg (◉◉◉◉)Mint, Spearmint, Bergamot Wildberry, Frosty Berry & Frosty Mint

How Long Does Nordic Spirit Last?

You can expect a typical Nordic Spirit snus to last between 40-60 minutes. The length of time you choose to keep it in place underneath your top lip will depend on these three key factors:

1. Strength

Choosing the right strength for your needs can help you get more from your Nordic Spirit nicotine pouch. Picking a Regular pouch (◉◉◎◎) versus a Strong (◉◉◉◎) or X-Strong (◉◉◉◉) may mean you end up using your nicotine pouch for longer. Generally speaking, the stronger the pouch, the less amount of time you'll have it in your mouth. This is because the nicotine concentration is higher and therefore absorbed more quickly.

2. Flavour

Certain flavours may intensify the nicotine experience for some and could therefore mean you want to take the pouch out sooner. For instance, customer reviews on our site reveal that Spearmint or Mint flavour have been known to cause a stronger tingling sensation, which may impact the amount of time you choose to use an individual pouch. Fruitier flavours may offer a light alternative that may be used longer, even with the highest nicotine pouch strengths.

3. You

Yes, you! Your level of previous nicotine consumption and personal preference will also determine whether you keep a pouch in for longer or shorter periods. There is no right or wrong here, rather, you should regulate your intake based on what feels good to you. This might mean removing a pouch before 40 minutes and then choosing to pop it back in again later, or keeping the same Nordic snus in for a while to maximise flavour/nicotine release.

Nordic Spirit is one of our biggest brands at Northerner. With a variety of strengths and different flavours, it's a popular brand of tobacco free snus that provides an alternative to smoking and tobacco products.

At Northerner, we sell all of Nordic Spirit's varieties of nicotine pouches, including the latest flavours. We sell cans both individually and in multipacks, helping you get the best value for money. Not only that, but we offer free delivery and no minimum spend, making us a top online destination to buy your nicotine products.

Discover more about Nordic Spirit by checking out our Nordic Spirit Expert Review over on The Northerner Blog!

Nordic Spirit Strength FAQs

How many types of Nordic Spirit strengths are there?

There are three main varieties of Nordic Spirit nicotine pouch: Regular, Strong and X-Strong. Although there are two varieties of Regular nicotine pouches: 3mg and 5.5mg per pouch.

Which strength is right for me?

Choosing the right strength depends on how strong you want your nicotine pouches to be. If you're new to nicotine, you may want to stick to the Regular nicotine pouches, while those who are looking to move away from tobacco products and are regular nicotine consumers may want to start with a Strong or X-Strong variety.

Which flavours should I choose?

With a wide range of flavours to choose from, Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches appeal to different tastes. If you prefer traditional mint flavours, then stick to the Sweet Mint, Frosty Mint or Mint and Spearmint varieties. If you prefer something a little fruitier, opt for a fruit variety like Raspberry or Bergamot Wildberry. You may need to try several flavours to help you find the best fit for you.

Are nicotine pouches an alternative to smoking?

If you want to move away from tobacco products, then nicotine pouches can be a great alternative. They deliver nicotine doses by placing them under your lip, and you can use them indoors - making for a convenient nicotine experience.

How do I dispose of nicotine pouches?

When you're finished with your pouch, it's important to dispose responsibly. You can dispose of your nicotine pouches in a waste bin, or put them in the lid to dispose of them later. The cans themselves can be recycled in your plastic waste. Don't throw your nicotine pouches onto the street or somewhere where children and pets can access them.