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The 5 Biggest Icks: Smoking, Bad Breath and Manners…

The 5 Biggest Icks: Smoking, Bad Breath and Manners…

There is always that one thing that really grinds our gears, which has lead to the social media phenomenon of the “ick” -  something that someone does that is an instant turn-off for you, instantly ruining any chance of anything romantic happening. 

So, which icks are the worst offenders and which habits should we be breaking ahead of Valentine’s day? We asked people across the UK what their biggest turnoffs are. 

The Top 5 Dating Ick’s (UK)

  1. 1. Bad Breath. Unsurprisingly, bad breath takes top spot, with over 60% of people stating that this is the biggest turn-off when dating someone. 
  2. 2. Body Odour. Personal hygiene is key to avoiding giving someone the ick: with over 60% of Brits also highlighting that bad body odour is a major turn off for them.
  3. 3. Bad Manners. As the famous saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and in this case bad manners are enough to put someone off you completely. Around 59% of the UK agreed that bad manners or being rude is a definite ick for dating.
  4. 4. Bad Teeth. Probably due to the poor hygiene associated with it, bad teeth takes 4th place, with around 54% of Brits listing this as a major ick in a potential partner. 
  5. 5. Smoking. Taking fifth spot is smoking, with just over 54% of Brits identifying it as one of their major icks. This probably as it plays into several icks, especially those connected to your sense of smell, and it is an unhealthy habit for not just you but those around!

How to Avoid Giving a Partner a Case of the Icks

As you have probably noticed, it is safe to say that our sense of smell reeks havoc in this department! Smoking, bad breath and body odour are all habits that are prone to giving Brits the ick, so what can we do to avoid this? Remember to ditch the cigarettes, pack your mints and lather up on the fragrance for your next date night or it could turn into a total disaster! 

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