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What are the different types of snus?

What are the different types of snus?

The Northerner explains the different types of snus that consumers can find on the market.

Not only does snus come in various strengths and flavours, but it is also available in different formats. Snus users are able to choose between portioned or loose snus, as well as moist or dry snus. For first time users, it may seem difficult to choose exactly what suits you. But here we will break down all the different types of snus available on the market.

What is loose snus?

Loose snus is the traditional type of snus that the user “bakes” or rolls themselves. Less than 50 years ago, this was the only type of snus available to consumers, and so there are some die-hard rituals affiliated with loose snus. The snus user will pinch some snus between their thumb and forefinger and roll it into a “prilla” or ball – this is known as baking your snus. Once the perfect “prilla” has been achieved, the user can then place the snus under their top lip, against their gums. The main advantage of loose snus is that you are able to choose your own quantity of snus.

For some users, this can be a little messy, require too much of a process, or they are simply afraid of spilling the snus. Therefore, they may prefer portioned snus.

What is portioned snus?

Portioned snus is available in pouches and has been pre-measured for the user’s convenience. These pouches tend to resemble small teabags. Rather than baking the snus, users can easily and discreetly place the snus under their lip and dispose of the pouch easily in the trash afterwards.

What is the difference between dry and moist snus?

As you can guess from the names, the one type of snus is wetter than the other. But the question is what this really means. Firstly, moist snus has an expiration date and needs to be kept in the fridge to prevent it from drying out. However, the expiration date is merely a guideline as snus cannot go “bad” in the traditional sense, although it does begin to lose its strength, flavour and consistency after its best before date. Due to its moisture content, moist snus does not need saliva to kickstart the nicotine absorption process; rather, the absorption will begin as soon as the snus is placed under the top lip.

While dry snus does not require the same careful refrigeration as its moist counterpart, users are advised to keep it out of direct sunlight in order to prevent it from drying out even further. Dry snus users are required to moisten this snus with their tongue and saliva before finally placing it under their lip, in order to kickstart the nicotine absorption process.

What is white snus?

The most recent type of snus on the market is white, and may resemble a nicotine pouch. However, don’t be fooled, as this pouch certainly does contain tobacco. Nevertheless, this variant has been touted as having less drip. The type of snus that you choose to use really depends on your preferences and lifestyle, and is a completely personal decision.

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