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VELO Strengths

Get to know VELO nicotine pouches – the brand that boasts one of the widest ranges of nicotine strengths in the UK, catering to those who want a Less Intense experience (4mg per pouch) all the way up to those who want something MAX (17mg per pouch). 

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What are VELO Nicotine Pouches?

VELO nicotine pouches are a modern, smoke-free alternative to traditional tobacco products. These small, discreet pouches are meant to be placed under your lip where the flavour and nicotine is released and gradually absorbed into your bloodstream. VELO caters for a range of different preferences, making it easy for adult nicotine consumers to find their perfect pouch, strength & flavour combination. 

What are VELO's Nicotine Strengths?

What Does "mg" Mean in Relation to Nicotine Strength?

When browsing through VELO’s products (or any other nicotine pouch brand, for that matter) you will see references to "mg.” This stands for milligrams and is used to measure the amount of nicotine contained in each pouch. A higher "mg" value indicates a stronger nicotine concentration, whereas a lower "mg" value means you can expect a less intense nicotine experience.  

Understanding the nicotine strength in terms of milligrams is a more consistent measurement than the dot system (i.e. ◉◎◎◎) or referring to the name on the can (Strong, Extra Strong, etc), since these can mean different things from brand to brand.  

You will also see under the 'Facts' tab of each product on our site, that we include both milligrams of nicotine per pouch and per gram. It's worth noting that Slim pouches weigh ~700mg and Mini pouches ~500mg.

Which VELO Strength Is Right For You? 

VELO’s nicotine concentration progresses from Less Intense (4mg) to Medium (6mg), Strong (8-10mg), Extra Strong (11mg), ULTRA (14mg) and finally MAX (17mg). 

Depending on your level of experience with nicotine, you may wish to start on the lower end of the spectrum before trying stronger products. Ultimately though, you’re the best judge of which strength is right for you, and VELO is there to provide various flavoured options for each stage of your nicotine pouch journey. 

Breakdown of VELO Nicotine Strengths

  • - 4mg (◉◎◎◎): VELO Polar Mint (Mini) is the only flavour available in VELO's Less Intense category. These pouches might be the lowest in strength, but they're still big on flavour. 

  • - 6mg (◉◉◎◎): These are considered Medium and are perfect for those seeking a “normal” nicotine experience. You will find 70% of VELO's assortment of both fruit and mint flavours available with 6mg per pouch. VELO Urban Vibe (Slim) is the only flavour that is unique to this category. 

  • - 8mg (◉◉◉◎): This is considered the lower end of VELO's Strong category with only VELO Ruby Berry (Mini) and VELO Polar Mint (Mini) containing 8mg of nicotine per pouch. 

  • - 10mg (◉◉◉◎): This level of nicotine is at the upper end of VELO's Strong category and covers 60% of VELO's flavour range. You’ll find it’s only available in a Slim pouch format (slightly bigger than Mini) and is the only option if you want to try either of VELO’s fruity-mint fusions (VELO Citrus Mint and VELO Watermelon Mint). 

  • - 11mg (◉◉◉◉): These Extra Strong pouches are available in three minty flavours. It is the lowest concentration you can get in the VELO Freeze range, and also the only strength available in VELO Cooling Storm

  • - 14mg (◉◉◉◉◉◎): In other words, ULTRA. Here, two extra dots have been added to the can's label, but only 5 of the 6 dots are filled. The menthol-inspired flavour, VELO Freeze (ULTRA) is the only one available at this strength and is recommended for more experienced nicotine consumers. 

  • - 17mg (◉◉◉◉◉◉): When you see 6 out of 6 dots filled on the can, you know you’re dealing with a MAX product. This is the most intense nicotine experience currently offered by VELO and is only available in VELO Freeze (MAX).

These flavors are classified as Medium or “normal” strength, with 2 out of 4 dots filled in on the packaging and a 6mg nicotine concentration. 

  • - VELO Polar Mint (Mini) is the least strong from VELO with 4mg of nicotine per pouch. It has a refreshing mint flavour that combines the sweetness of spearmint with the icy coolness of menthol. 
  • - VELO Ruby Berry brings together the flavour of ripe strawberries with a long-lasting menthol sensation. 
  • - VELO Urban Vibe is a unique blend of forest fruits highlighting cranberries and cherries. 
  • - VELO Ice Cool offers a long-lasting and crisp peppermint flavour. 
  • - VELO Royal Violet is a blend of red grapes and floral notes in a Mini pouch. 
  • - VELO Tropic Breeze is a medley of sweet, sun-kissed fruits like mandarin, passionfruit and mango. 

VELO’s 8mg flavours are limited, but offer the strongest nicotine experience in a Mini format (in other words, a slightly thinner and more compact pouch): 

  • - VELO Polar Mint is a classic that combines both spearmint and menthol. 
  • - VELO Ruby Berry is an exclusive VELO flavour that combines both strawberry and menthol. 


Otherwise, you will find other Strong options containing 10mg of nicotine per pouch, which pack a slightly more powerful punch: 

  • - VELO Citrus Mint offers a bold combination of lemon and peppermint for a slightly sweet, definitely zesty nicotine experience. 
  • - VELO Watermelon Mint is a juicy blend of sweet watermelon and cool mint. 
  • - VELO Polar Mint (as described above in the 8mg category above). 
  • - VELO Tropic Breeze (as described in the "Normal" 6mg category above). 
  • - VELO Ice Cool is one of the more refreshing mints from VELO's range, with a coolness that lingers long after the pouch is gone.

Here we’ve grouped the three strongest VELO categories (containing 11mg, 14mg and 17mg respectively). 

  • - Similar to Ice Cool, VELO Cooling Storm provides a minty freshness with menthol and peppermint. 
  • - VELO Freeze offers the ultimate icy mint experience with maximum nicotine strength.

How to Buy Your Preferred VELO Strength 

Here at Northerner, we offer a wide selection of VELO nicotine pouches, making it easy for you to find and order your preferred product. Simply browse our online store, select your desired strength/flavour, and enjoy the convenience of a hands-free, tobacco-free and smoke-free nicotine experience. 

For less than £6, you can buy one can of VELO containing 20 individual pouches. We also sell these cans in packs of 5, 10 and 20 that are better value – reducing the cost per can by almost half, in some cases. 

Northerner offers a secure and user-friendly platform to order VELO online with the added bonus of: 

  • - Trusted payment partners; 

  • - Age verification on all orders; 

  • - Free shipping;  

  • - Reliable delivery options to get from our local UK warehouse to your mouth!