about dip can lids

Dip Can Lids


Dip can lids come in a variety of styles ranging from ultracool and sophisticated to everyday utilitarian. They come in silver, brass, copper, tin, plastic, and even gold with designs for every occasion. There are personalized ones, lids that advertise a company, collector lids… the list goes on and on. But where did they get their start?


Inhaling snuff was first reported by a European missionary to Haiti in 1493. Friar Ramón Pane had come to the New World to work among the indigenous peoples and made a note of their habit of inhaling this strange powder-like substance. As we know, tobacco use spread like wildfire throughout Europe, and by the mid-1600s, ornate boxes were being made by the most skilled craftsmen. Artists specializing in enamel and miniature portraits were busy making “snuffboxes” for the elite out of tortoiseshell, ivory, and gold set with diamonds and other precious gems. Many of these examples found in museums and private collections today are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!


 Snuffboxes came in all shapes and sizes from oval ones in porcelain decorated with miniature landscapes to giant silver and gilded ones for the table. However, eventually, people noticed that carrying around a large snuffbox did not help the lines of an expensive tailored suit. Instead, gentlemen commissioned small masterpieces they could carry in their waistcoat to keep their powder dry. Over the years, this practice of carrying our snuff with us has transformed into an easily identifiable fashion statement on the back pocket of our favorite jeans. The dip can ring.


With the advent of the dip can and pre-portioned pouch can, a market has opened up catering to the avid user. Now, we can personalize our favorite brand with a lid to match our personality and lifestyle. Replace the original lid of your brand box with something genuinely unique. Why not give that special someone a dip can lid with their name engraved across the front in Spencerian script? Or maybe celebrate the achievements of a special team by presenting the members with a commemorative lid? First prize rodeo award instead of a buckle? The possibilities are as endless as the designs!


Personalized lids are the perfect way to make your fashion statement, accessorize, and tell others to keep their hands off your private stash! Dip cans have now found their way back into pretty much every area of today’s society. Almost anywhere you are, you can take out your dip can with pride knowing that you’ve got something exceptional indeed. You belong to a select group of people. Those who know what quality and taste are, and who are not afraid to show it.