Want to Transition from Tobacco Products to Nicotine Pouches?

The world is always changing, and due to time and technology, there are now so many ways to consume nicotine. If you’re considering switching from dip or other tobacco products to nicotine pouches, you’re not alone. But knowing where or how to start are normally the first questions that come to mind. Take nicotine pouches for example: Not only are nicotine pouches still a fairly new category within the market, but there are also so many shapes, sizes, flavors and strengths to choose from. The truth is, it can be difficult deciding which product is right for you, but we’re more than happy to help you navigate your options.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nicotine Pouches:

1. Use anywhere: Nicotine pouches offer a smoke-, vape-, spit- and tobacco-free way to enjoy nicotine without disturbing others. 

2. Only you know it’s there: Nicotine pouches fit discreetly under your lip while delivering an intense burst of flavor and nicotine.

3. An experience you know and enjoy: Pouches come in an array of flavors, some of the same ones you’re probably used to, like Wintergreen and Mint.  There are of course unflavored options, too.

4. No “tools” required: You don’t need a spit cup…or a battery, charger or lighter for that matter. 

5. Freedom and Convenience: You don’t have to step away, step outside or take a break. Just tuck and go.




Are All Nicotine Pouch Brands the Same? 

While the category is relatively new and still evolving, some of the most popular nicotine pouch brands are ZYN, On!, VELO, Rogue, FRĒ, NIIN, NIC-S and Black Buffalo


Here, we have compiled a grid of all of the key attributes of the major nicotine pouch brands, and how they compare.



These brands range in shapes and sizes whether you’re looking for a wide pouch to moisten and flatten like Rogue, a long and slimmer pouch to tuck like FRĒ, or a barely-there mouth feel like On!. 


Nicotine Strength

But don’t be fooled by size as the nicotine sensation you seek can come in any size from the lowest at 2mg, to the highest at 15mg.  The nicotine found in pouches can be in the form of a nicotine salt or a nicotine polacrilex but all nicotine will fall into one of two categories: tobacco-derived (extracted from the Nicotiana tabacum plant) like in ZYN, On!, VELO, Rogue and Black Buffalo, or lab-created chemically-synthesized nicotine like in FRĒ, NIC-S and NIIN. 



The flavor offerings range including some unique fusions and non-flavored, but most are of the wintergreen, mint, citrus, coffee, cinnamon, mocha and fruit varieties.



Most have the same round shape like a can of dip, while some are more oval in shape. The majority of the products come in a plastic or metal tin, however, NIC-S comes in an ISCC-certified pine resin container. Both NIC-S and On! provide a built-in pouch-catcher compartment for easy disposal.



There are also differences in the moisture content with some coming slightly pre-moistened like Rogue, NIIN and FRĒ and others are referred to as “dry” like ZYN, On! and Velo. Then there are also differences in the speed and duration of the nicotine sensation.


How Effective Are Nicotine Pouches?

Whether tobacco-derived or synthetic nicotine-based, nicotine pouches offer a nicotine enjoyment experience similar to any other nicotine or tobacco products. Unlike the majority of tobacco products, however, nicotine pouches come in a variety of strengths, generally ranging from 2-15 mg single-use pouches. By having the ability to mix both flavors and strengths, you can completely customize your experience at any time. 



How to Use Nicotine Pouches

It’s pretty straight-forward. Just follow these simple steps:


Step 1: Open the can

Simply lift the lid to open. Try not to pop open too quickly and make it rain pouches.


Step 2: Place a pouch into your mouth.

Choose your favorite nicotine pouch(es) and put it between your lips and gum. Feel free to mix and match strengths and/or flavors.


Step 3: Enjoy for up to 60 minutes

Many pouches deliver a gentle tingling sensation while others don’t. The pouch texture and density as well as the blend and proportions of ingredients provide for either a faster or slower nicotine sensation, and a shorter or longer nicotine experience ranging from 10 to 60 minutesyou decide how long you’d like to keep it in. To release additional flavor, you can remoisten, gently chew or press, and shift the pouch around in your mouth. 


Step 4: Throw away the pouch

Once you’re finished with your pouch, it’s important that you properly dispose of itwhether that’s in the built-in pouch-saver compartment on the canlike the on! cansor in a nearby garbage can.



So What Are Nicotine Pouches, Anyway?

In short, nicotine pouches are a fibrous pouch with fillers, sweeteners, salts and nicotine.   If you want to get a bit more specific, while the ingredients differ across brands, “All White” nicotine pouches are generally made up of a plant-based fibrous pouch filled with fillers similar to what is found in gum like Micro crystalline cellulose, maltitol, and gum Arabic, plant-based stabilizers, sweeteners like what you may find in beverages like acesulfame K, and PH adjusters like what you may find in baked goods like sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, according to some manufacturers. There are also “Dark” pouches with fillers that are plant-based, like Black Buffalo. While the most popular pouch brands contain nicotine, there are also non-nicotine pouches emerging, like Black Buffalo Zero and Grinds, if you wish to supplement or replace your nicotine product while keeping the ritual. 



What Else Should I Consider in Choosing Nicotine Satisfaction?



By now you know that nicotine pouches are more convenient and discrete than tobacco products, and that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors and strengths.  This can make for a customizable experience as you can mix and match pouch strengths and flavors to taste.


One question we’re asked often is, “Will pouches stain my teeth?” It is widely understood that dips, snuff, chew and other tobacco products stain your teeth. While All White nicotine pouch manufacturers cannot completely rule out the possibility of teeth discoloration, some state that laboratory tests show that their nicotine pouches do not discolor enamel.


Let’s end here with the obvious: while nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco, they do contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive chemical having pharmacologic psychodynamic effects. If you are not a current adult tobacco or nicotine user, you should not start using nicotine pouches.


 If you are a tobacco user, quitting anything is never easy, but knowing you can still get your nicotine kick without having to compromise quality or taste is definitely a plus. Whatever you decide, what’s most important is that you have a plan.