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Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches offer a great variety of strength and flavours. For each flavour you will find normal, strong, and extra strong pouches. Find out more  about Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches

Nordic Spirit's portfolio represents a mix of freshness and creativity. Find your personal favourite nicotine pouches in a variety of different flavours - feel the rush with Spearmint Intense in 2 different strenghts or that fresh and fruity kick with the Berry Citrus. No matter what your pick is, Nordic Spirit makes sure all of their pouches are slim and discreet and guarantee a longlasting release of nicotine and flavour. Everything so that you can enjoy them whenever you want to at any time! 

Nordic Spirit UK Pouches

What is Nordic Spirit? If you want to know more, keep reading! Nordic Spirit comes in slim white pouches. They offer great tastes and come in a variety of strengths. In fact, the Nordic Spirit pouch strength is a big talking point as you can select the strength across different flavours from regular through to extra strong! Check out the Nordic Spirit price range here.


  • - Regular, strong and extra strong strength
  • - Selection of flavours
  • - Regular and mini pouches

Nordic Spirit — where to buy

For those looking to buy Nordic Spirit pouches, there are many options in the UK. Right here, you can find the complete Nordic Spirit pouch collection. We have both the regular and the mini cans available. Not only that, but you can shop for an array of different strengths and flavours as well so that you can find the perfect match when it comes to these pouches. Get ready for a flavour burst to delight your taste buds.

Is Nordic Spirit snus?

Nordic Spirit is not snus as it is completely free from tobacco. You can take a look at the Nordic Spirit ingredients to see that it has nicotine, but does not use tobacco leaves in these pouches. However, it works in a very similar way as you will need to tuck the pouch under your lip in order to release the flavour. So, what is Nordic Spirit used for? In short, it's for the flavour and nicotine.

Nordic Spirit Flavours

Speaking of flavours, there is a range of Nordic Spirit flavours to enjoy. These nicotine pouches come in a range of strong flavours to suit all users. For instance, if you want a cooling hit, then the mint or spearmint options are the ones for you. Looking for something different, then there is Elderflower, Berry Citrus, Watermelon and even Mocha options. So, the question is: does Nordic Spirit work when you tuck one of these pouches under your lip? The answer is that it certainly does. See more detailed information about the different Nordic Spirit flavours below.


  • Nordic Spirit Elderflower Slim Strong - A very mellow taste, on the verge of discreet, packed in dry portions for a long-lasting release of flavour and nicotine. The Elderflower is served in Slim as well as Mini pouches.

  • Nordic Spirit Watermelon - Sweet and fruity taste of watermelon. Not as dry as the Elderflower, but still provides a long-lasting hit. 

  • Nordic Spirit Mocha - A great blended nicotine pouch with flavors of vanilla, caramel, and freshly brewed coffee for that mix of sweet and deep coffee flavour.
  • Nordic Spirit Mint extra strong - In Nordic Spirit's assortment, there are 2 different mints - Spearmint Intense & Smooth Mint. As the names might reveal, the Spearmint Intense has an intense and burning flavour, while the Smooth Mint has a more light and discreet taste. In our assortment you can find Nordic Spirit's Mint products both as Slim and Mini. 
  • Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry - Strong nicotine pouch with a citrus flavour from bergamot and a hint of wild berries.

Nicotine strengths of Nordic Spirit

In Nordic Spirit's assortment, you're able to find a great variety of different strengths. We have categorized all of our nicotine pouches in 4 different selections - Less Intense, Normal Strong, Strong & Extra Strong, where Nordic Spirit's products cover 3 of them.

  • Normal Strong - 3,1 - 6mg of nicotine per pouch. In this category, Nordic Spirit provides both Slim and Mini pouches with flavours of Strawberry, Watermelon, Mocca, Mint & Elderflower. Recommended for any user of nicotine.
  • Strong - 6,1 - 9mg of nicotine per pouch. Here you are able to find stronger products from Nordic Spirit's assortment with a taste of Berry Citrus, Mint and Elderflower. Recommended for experienced users of nicotine. 
  • Extra Strong - 9,1+ mg of nicotine per pouch. Nicotine Pouches with a very high nicotine content are categorized as Extra Strong. In the assortment of Nordic Spirit, you are able to find Slim extra strong nicotine pouches with flavour of Mint in the Spearmint Intense. Recommended for experienced users of nicotine. 


How to use Nordic Spirit?

Nordic Spirit, just like every other nicotine pouches, is primarily recommended to use under the upper lip.

In a matter of where and how to use nicotine pouches. You are able to use them whenever you want at any time. 


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