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Nordic Spirit Review (2023)

Expert Breakdown: Nordic Spirit Review (2023)

Nordic Spirit snus is one of the biggest brands of tobacco-free snus in the UK, but what makes it so popular? One of the main reasons pouch users like Noridc Spirit is not just the flavours, but the different strength options.  The Northerner’s expert review gives you the lowdown as we deep dive into the different strength options and give a review of our top product in every strength category and our overall Nordic Spirit rankings!

What is Nordic Spirit?

In short, Nordic Spirit is a brand of tobacco-free snus (also known as nicotine pouches). Their entire range comes in 2 pouch sizes, 8 different flavours and 3 different nicotine strengths - you can learn more about how Nordic Spirit works and how to use Nordic Spirit in our other guide.

Nordic Spirit Overview

  • All white/tobacco-free

  • 3 strengths available

  • 8 different flavours

  • 20 pouches per can

Nordic Spirit Review

Read on for our expert review of Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches, with our favourite Nordic Spirit pouch in each strength!

Nordic Spirit Regular Nicotine Pouches Review

The regular nicotine strength from Nordic Spirit indicates that each pouch contains around 5.5mg of nicotine. This means, that by Northerner rankings, they are considered a normal strength for tobacco-free snus.

Top Regular Pouch: Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry

If you've come across Nordic Spirit pouches before, you may have heard of "Berry Citrus" - this is the old name for these pouches. Upon opening the can, the smell of bergamot and orange will greet you. As you put the pouch into your mouth, the tart berry flavour will become more pronounced than the orange, although the tart berry is still faintly present. The addition of bergamot gives the taste a familiar resemblance to traditional tobacco snus. The flavour of these Nordic Spirit pouches is consistent for up to 45 minutes.

Nordic Spirit Strong Nicotine Pouches Review

Nordic Spirit’s strong category indicates that each pouch contains around 8.3mg of nicotine per pouch. This means, that by Northerner rankings, they are considered a normal strength for tobacco-free snus.

Top Strong Pouch: Nordic Spirit Mocha

For those who enjoy a sweet and indulgent flavour, Nordic Spirit Mocha is the perfect choice. You'll be welcomed by the aroma of freshly brewed black coffee and dark chocolate, which remain the dominant flavours throughout the experience. The intense flavours of coffee are complemented by subtle notes of caramel and rich dark chocolate. On average, one pouch will provide up to 50 minutes of intense flavour.

Nordic Spirit X Strong Nicotine Pouches Review

Nordic Spirit X Strong category is for pouches that contain 10.3mg of nicotine. This means, that by Northerner rankings, they are categorised as a extra strong tobacco-free snus pouch.

Top X Strong Pouch: Nordic Spirit Mint

Nordic Spirit Mint pouches are made for mint lovers. The primary hint of cooling menthol is complemented by a foundation of classic peppermint for a traditional mint nicotine pouch experience. The pouches are semi-dry, meaning they are not super dry or too moist and have a smooth feel when you have them in place. Each Nordic Spirit Mint Pouch lasts for approximately 40 minutes, similar to most other Nordic Spirit pouches. 

Nordic Spirit vs Other Brands

Nordic Spirit a completely unique range of flavours, as they all have a special ingredient: bergamot. Adding a base note of bergamot gives it a similar to that of traditional tobacco snus. But how does Nordic Spirit stand up versus other brands such as VELO?


Nordic Spirit Velo
Flavours: 8Flavours: 7
Strength Options: between 3mg and 10mg per pouchStrength Options: between 4mg and 10.9per pouch
Pouches per can: 20Pouched per can: 20
Price: start at £4.20 a canPrice:start at £4.20 a can/td>

Flavour Options: Nordic Spirit
Nordic Spirit has 8 different flavour options, compared to 7 from VELO, so takes the win in this category.

Strength Options: VELO
VELO just takes the lead on this one, as their range of strengths are a little more expansive than the Nordic Spirit strength range. 

Price: Nordic Spirit and VELO
It was a tie on the price comparison, with both VELO and Nordic Spirit prices being the same, starting at £4.20 a can.

Overall: Nordic Spirit
Nordic Spirit has the popularity vote, and gives a completely different twist on the classic nicotine pouch. They are well designed and give impactful flavour throughout the time you use it. Even though both brands offer a great set of pouches, Nordic Spirit wins on this occasion!

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