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World's Strongest Snus

World's Strongest Snus (2023)

Snus has become increasingly popular in the UK, and the search for the strongest snus has dramatically increased in the last few years. But how does the UK’s strongest snus compare to the world’s strongest snus? The Northerner ranks the strongest tobacco-free snus in both the UK and the world so you don’t have to! 


DISCLAIMER: All pouches listed here are not suitable for beginners, they are geared towards seasoned nicotine pouch users. Using these pouches without the correct consideration could cause nausea and dizziness. 

The World’s Strongest Snus (2023)

There are so many variations of snus across the globe, so for the purpose of this ranking, we focused on tobacco-free snus for the best comparison (as tobacco snus is illegal in the UK. You can learn more about the laws on snus in our guide). 

The World’s Strongest Snus: FEDRS Evilberry (65mg/g of nicotine)

The FEDRS Evilberry pouches are the strongest snus pouches in the world. They have an insanely high nicotine content, with these pouches containing 65mg/g of nicotine - this equates to around 33mg of nicotine per pouch! This snus comes in a blueberry flavour, but are not advised. 

2nd Place: 77 Ghost Edition (50mg/g of nicotine)

In second place are the 77 Ghost Edition nicotine pouches. These extremely intense pouches are containing a whopping 50 mg/g of nicotine, and come in a frosty mint flavor. These pouches are not recommended, and if used should only be used by experienced nicotine pouch users.

3rd Place: Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Snus (43mg/g of nicotine)

Often given the title of the worlds strongest snus, Siberia actually ranks in 3rd place. Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion Extremely Strong are definitely not for the faint hearted, and are still an incredibly strong nicotine pouch, containing 43mg/g of nicotine. These pouches are mint flavoured - adding to the intensity of the pouch. Only look at Siberia nicotine pouches if you are an experienced nicotine pouch user.

4rd Place: Pablo X-Ice Cold (30mg/g of nicotine)

Pablo is well known for their insanely strong nicotine pouches, with their strongest pouches (Pablo X-Ice Cold) containing 30mg/g of nicotine. These pouches are made with menthol and mint, which adds to the intensity - only try Pablo if you are an advanced nicotine pouch user. 

The Strongest Snus in the UK (2023)

There are hundreds of varieties of extra strong tobacco-free snus available on Northerner, but which is the strongest snus in the UK? Many particularly strong products are not available in the UK because they pose relatively high health risks, so we ranked the strongest snus you can find on Northerner UK. 

The Strongest Snus in the UK: Skruf Superwhite No.66 Fresh Mint Max (18.3mg/pouch)

Skruf Superwhite No.66 are the strongest snus pouches in the UK on Northerner. These pouches have a strong mint flavour that resembles strong garden mint, and packs a solid 18.3mg of nicotine per pouch - so are made for advanced nicotine pouch users who are used to stronger pouches. Skruf are one of the most popular nicotine pouch brands in the UK, known for their range of strong pouches: if these pouches are too extreme, take a look at the other Skruf pouches on Northerner!

2nd Place: 4NX Mint Extra Strong (18mg/pouch)

In a close second are the 4NX Mint Extra Strong pouches. These tobacco-free snus pouches have the flavour of green mint, peppermint and garden mint infused with a cool menthol blast in addition to the 18mg of nicotine per pouch!

3rd Place: VELO Freeze Max (17mg/pouch) 

VELO Freeze Max are the newest of the VELO Freeze range, and contain 17mg of nicotine per pouch. Again, these are a mint flavoured tobacco-free snus pouch, but VELO Freeze pouches have a strong peppermint and menthol flavour - a change from the other strong snus mint pouches.

4th Place: LOOP Jalapeno Lime Hyper Strong (15.6mg/pouch)

A non-mint flavour that packs the nicotine strength: LOOP Jalepeno Lime Hyper Strong pouches contain a massive 15.6mg of nicotine per pouch. These all white pouches have a fiery jalapeño and somewhat sour lime flavour. 

(TIP: Interested in the flavour? LOOP Jalepeno Lime pouches also come in a strong and extra strong variety)

5th Place: Thunder Black Extra Strong (15.5mg/pouch)

Thunder Black Extra Strong are bringing up the rear, with a solid 15.5mg of nicotine per pouch (which is still incredibly strong). These pouches have a strong menthol flavour, with a slight herb note to each pouch. 

Is Strong Snus on Northerner Safe?

All tobacco-free snus on Northerner has been laboratory tested before we sell it. The standards Northerner has for products, beyond existing laws and regulations, have been developed to create and maintain sustainable product and market development within the oral nicotine category. The maximum recommended total amount of nicotine per pouch is 20mg, and this is the maximum strength of nicotine pouch we sell on Northerner. 

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