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World's Strongest Snus - Use at Your Own Risk!

What is the strongest snus in the world and how much nicotine does it contain? A lot of people seem to be curious about this.
Here is an article explaining what makes a snus strong and a list of 10 extra strong, tobacco free alternatives to snus that are available in the UK.

Strong Snus

The demand for extra strong snus has risen in the last few years, and people have been asking for snus with higher and higher nicotine content. Previously 14mg/g was considered as Strong and 22 mg/g was considered Super Strong, however, that didn’t seem to be strong enough for the consumers.
Siberia -80 degrees was the first brand to introduce an extremely strong producton the market at 43 mg/g. Compared to snus with regular strength, it’s 5-6 times stronger! It’s still one of the strongest products out there and following it came even more extreme snus products. 

Nicotine Strength Isn’t The Only Aspect That Matters 

The perceived strength is not only determined by the concentration of nicotine in the pouches. Other factors that matter are moisture level, flavour, pH value and the shape and size of the pouch.
Personal conditions; such as saliva production and nicotine habits also affect how you could perceive the strength. For example, a snus with high moisture and strong nicotine content is stronger than a dry, all white pouch with the same nicotine content. And a higher pH value also makes a stronger product. All these factors are taken into account when the producers determine the strength marked on the cans. The same goes for tobacco free nicotine pouches.

10 Strongest Nicotine Pouches Available in the UK

Here is a list of the ten strongest nicotine pouches currently available on Northerner UK. Please be advised that these are only recommended for experienced nicotine users.


1.Ace Superwhite x Cosmic Mint

2.Ace Superwhite X Cool Mint Slim Extra Strong

3. VOLT Dark Frost Super Strong

4. VOLT Deep Freeze Super Strong

5. Loop Habanero Mint Slim Extra Strong

6. Loop Jalapeno Lime Slim Extra Strong

7. Loop Mint Mania Slim Extra Strong

8. Skruf Super White Fresh #5

9. Skruf Super White Fresh Max #6

10. Fumi Icemint Slim Extra Strong





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