Siberia Blue White Extra Strong Swedish Snus

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Refreshing flavor of mint.

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Siberia Blue White Extra Strong is a modern Swedish Snus product where fine cut tobacco has been placed in a dry, white portion pouch. This prevents the teeth from staining, while making the nicotine and taste experience more intense. Ready to be placed under your lip to offer a discreet, tasteful and long-lasting nicotine experience. Simply a smooth, hygienic and comfortable way to consume tobacco. This particular pouch is defined as “slim”, meaning it’s slightly larger in size than “mini” yet smaller than “original”. Siberia Blue White Extra Strong is an extremely strong snus, manufactured by GN Tobacco, that combines the taste of mint and traditional tobacco. The nicotine strength is 5 on a 5-grade scale, placing it within the “extra strong” range compared to similar nicotine pouches. Swedish snus can also be experienced in “mini” and “slim” portion pouches, as well as in the format “loose”. You find more classic Swedish snus alternatives on the Siberia brand page. Warning: This product is intended for experienced users (of oral tobacco and nicotine) only. Not recommended for beginners or average users.
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“That “wake-up call“ snus”

Hi snusers,
for my next review, we will have to go deep into the beating heart of mother Russia. For those who didn’t take the hint yet, I’m gonna say that you are either really bad at geography or you are not acquainted with the world of snus. I will not tease you anymore. I’m talking about Siberia, my all time favorite branch of the GN Tobacco.

There are a few bugs to the branch. First of all, you only got 3 types of pouches, so exploration won’t take long. Today I’m gonna review the one I don’t like that much. However, a better phrasing would be "The One I Love The Least". Let’s get into it.

When you open that puck, the smell doesn’t knock you down, like you‘re used to with the puck of the stronger Siberia Red White. It’s not that aggresive, actually kind of smooth and if you would close your eyes, you could think you are sniffing some kind of mouthwash.

For me the major disadvantage of Siberia Blue White is the packing. The portion is smooth and soft, however you have to spread the nicotine with your fingers so it would cover the whole portion and wasn’t stacked up on one side. When you put one under your lips, you get that well-known icy feeling and if you wait for a few minutes, the nicotine comes in place as well.

Siberia Blue White is the least strong snus in the roster, but it can still give you some chills. I would highly recommend starting your day with one, if you are looking for that “wake-up call“ snus. You will still manage to get to work/school safely and you will enjoy it as well. Also ideal for a sunny day in an upcoming summer. I put mine under the upper lip on a beautiful day and felt a great improvement in the enjoyment of this pleasant weather. It was a long time experience. The strength didn’t wear off and I swear the icy feeling kept me in a daze. That was great since I was no longer sweating like an animal in a rainforest.

Do you think you want to take the pleasure of snus on a next level, but you are afraid to take on the strongest boys in the ring? The Siberia Blue White is your entrance gate for this journey.

/ Pavel, Snus Squad

Brand Siberia
Manufacturer GN Tobacco
Nicotine Level Extra strong
Flavor Mint
Product Info Flavored, White
Nicotine (mg/g) 24
Flavor Mint
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 20
Net Weight (oz) 0.71
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