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Lost Mary Tappo

Lost Mary Tappo - a new and innovative pod kit from Lost Mary Vape. The Lost Mary Tappo pod kit and the Lost Mary Tappo pods offer an updated vaping experience that combines their easy to use devices and classic flavours with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of a pod kit setup. The Lost Mary Tappo still keeps the iconic Lost Mary shape, with a bottle-flask design, but gives you flexibility with a range of different flavoured pod options.

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The Lost Mary Tappo Vape Kit: A Convenient Starter Kit

The Lost Mary Tappo consists of two components: the Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit and the Lost Mary Tappo Pods (which are sold separately). If you are wanting to move away from disposable vapes, this new pod kit from Lost Mary is a great way to get started with the same familiar Lost Mary flavours in a rechargeable pod kit setup. It's easy to use - simply charge up the device and attach a pre-filled pod. The Lost Mary Tappo Kit includes the two main components:

  • - 1 x Lost Mary Tappo Device
  • - 1 x Lost Mary Tappo Pod

You can choose from 4 different Lost Mary Tappo devices, all with a sleek metallic finish: 

  • - Dark Bronze 
  • - Blue Green 
  • - Silver Stainless Steel 
  • Green Pink 

To get started you'll need to charge your device with a USB-C charging cable (not included).

Lost Mary Tappo Pre-Filled Pods: Interchangeable Pods Available in All the Best Lost Mary Flavours

With each Tappo pod kit, you will receive one complimentary pod. Depending on which colour device you select, you will get a different flavoured pod: 

  • - Dark Bronze: Blue Sour Razz 
  • - Blue Green: Lemon Lime 
  • - Silver Stainless Steel: Strawberry Ice 
  • - Green Pink: Watermelon 

The Tappo pods are magnetic, replaceable pods - this makes switching out pods easy and convenient. Simply connect the prefilled pod to your vape and start vaping. When the e-liquid in your Tappo pod runs out, you can responsibly dispose of the used Tappo pod and replace it with a new one.

Lost Mary Tappo Pod Flavours: A Full List

You can get the Lost Mary Tappo pods in a range of popular Lost Mary flavours. The most popular Lost Mary flavours include Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Blue Razz Lemonade and Strawberry Ice - and you can find Tappo pods in all these flavours. However, there are lots of different pod flavours from fruity to iced flavours, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Here's a list of the Lost Mary Tappo pod flavours:

  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Banana Ice
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Blue Razz Lemonade
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Cherry Cola
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Lemon Lime
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Maryturbo
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Mix Berries
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Peach Ice
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Spearmint
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Strawberry Ice
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Strawberry Raspberry
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Tropical Fruit
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods USA Mix
  • - Lost Mary Tappo Pods Watermelon

Lost Mary Tappo Prefilled Nicotine Pods

Lost Mary Tappo pods come in sets of two prefilled pods, each containing 20mg of nic salts vape juice. These pre-filled pods are sold separately from the main Lost Mary Tappo device kit - however, each Tappo pod kit comes with a Tappo pod, so you have one pod on hand to start vaping with!

Why Choose the Lost Mary Tappo?

The Lost Mary Tappo range, featuring a variety of flavours like Strawberry Ice, Blue Razz Lemonade, and Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava, is designed for user convenience. The Tappo pods, pod kit, and kit are all equipped with a rechargeable 750mAh battery and QUAQ mesh coil technology, providing an enhanced vaping experience.

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More About the Lost Mary Tappo

What is the Lost Mary Tappo?

The Lost Mary Tappo is a range of pod kits and prefilled pods made by Lost Mary (best known for the BM600 and QM600 disposables).

What Tappo Pod Kit Colours Are There?

On Northerner, you can find all the different Tappo device colours:

  • - Blue Green
  • - Green Pink
  • - Dark Bronze
  • - Silver Stainless Steel

Which are the Most Popular Tappo Pod Flavours?

On Northerner, the current most popular Tappo pods are the Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava and Blueberry Sour Raspberry. The best flavour for you will vary depending on your preferences, but the current Tappo pod flavours range caters to vapers who prefer sweeter vape flavours or ice flavours.

When Will My Lost Mary Tappo Be Delivered?

All orders on Northerner come with fast free shipping as standard. The estimated delivery times will vary depending on which shipping method and courier you choose, but most orders are typically delivered in 24-48 hours for all UK orders (please note that we do not ship orders internationally).

If your order has been dispatched and you are wondering when it will arrive, please check the tracking information you should have received via email and check their website if you want more information about if they deliver on bank holidays, weekends and other public holidays.

Can I Write Reviews on Northerner?

Yes, you can leave a review on different products on our site. To write a review, click on the product you want to leave a review on, and click on the "Reviews" drop down and follow the instructions there. You can also leave TrustPilot reviews for Northerner!