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Best Snus Brands

Best Snus Brands in the UK (2024)

Finding the best snus and nicotine pouches in the UK can be challenging. There are so many brands out there, all selling what looks like great products.

That’s where this guide can help. We look at six of the top snus brands in our store, including their most popular flavours and the various nicotine strengths they offer. By the end, you should better understand which products will suit you best. 


ZYN is a nicotine pouch brand hailing from Sweden. It offers diverse tobacco-free products available in varying strengths and flavours. 

Comfortingly, ZYN’s parent company, Swedish Match, has a long history of making smokeless tobacco products. Enthusiasts consider it among the most accomplished manufacturers globally, so it is no wonder it sells popular nicotine pouches. ZYN launched in 2014 and is quickly gaining renown, particularly in the U.S. Consumers want a brand that gives them various flavourings and strength offerings, based on their cravings. 

Top 3 ZYN Flavours


1. Spearmint 

ZYNs Spearmint flavour nicotine pouches give users that classic sweet spearmint taste, providing a viable alternative to conventional tobacco smoking. The nicotine pouches of ZYN Spearmint have a nicotine strength of 1.5mg per pouch, which places them in the lower nicotine category. 


2. Gold

ZYN’s Gold conveys the flavour of sweet tobacco for those who aren’t quite ready to leave the leaf behind. It delivers a flavour combination of air-dried leaves and cedar and is available in strong and extra-strong strengths. 


3. Espressino

Finally, ZYN’s Espressino is a nicotine pouch for coffee enthusiasts - the taste of roasted beans combined with hints of vanilla, Italian nougat, and chocolate. It is also available in strong and extra-strong strengths. 


ZYN Nicotine Strengths

ZYN offers three nicotine strength levels with varying nicotine content: 

  • - Regular: 1.5-6mg/pouch
  • - Strong: 6.1-9.5mg/pouch
  • - Extra Strong: 10-12.5mg/pouch


Most flavours are only available in one or two strengths.


VELO is another nicotine pouch brand similar to ZYN. Owned by British American Tobacco (BAT), it prides itself on offering a modern alternative to conventional nicotine-containing products. 

VELO previously targeted the Scandinavian market. However, it grew in popularity and is now one of the most recognised nicotine pouch brands globally. The BAT takeover provided the capital and resources the firm required to build on its customer loyalty and develop new marketable products. 

Top 3 VELO Flavours


1. Cooling Storm


VELO’s top flavour is its iconic Cooling Storm. These nicotine pouches feature a blend of menthol and peppermint.


2. Ice Cool


Continuing the theme, VELO also offers its classic Ice Cool flavour which generates a peppermint aftertaste.


3. Strawberry Ice

Finally, VELO offers Strawberry Ice, a mixed flavour blend of strawberry and mint. The product gives you a mint aftertaste, a brand signature. 

VELO Nicotine Strengths

VELO offers snus and nicotine pouches in various strengths – more than most other brands. Pouches can come with 4mg, 6mg, 8mg, 10mg, 11mg, and 17mg of nicotine. For example, Ice Cool is available in 6mg and 10mg versions, while Watermelon Mint is only available in 10mg. 


Helwit is also a brand we stock at Northerner. It has a climate-smart ethos and makes products in a facility powered by hydro-energy based in Sweden. Its long-lasting pouches are certainly something more people are becoming interested in trying. 

The company focuses on quality more than quantity. It is more of a boutique brand than a bulk seller (though it still offers sizable discounts). 

Top 3 Helwit Flavours


1. Mint Normal 

Mint is one of Helwit’s more popular flavours, offering a sweet minty taste.


2. Blueberry Extra Strong

Blueberry Extra Strong is another of Helwit’s most popular flavours. It delivers a berry flavour with more nicotine than the standard product. 


3. Violet Normal

Last but not least, Helwit Violet is another popular flavour with a sweet and distinct floral taste. This flavour is available in normal strength. 

Helwit Nicotine Strengths

Helwit extracts the nicotine in its products from tobacco leaves and, similar to Velo, offers various strengths. Each Helwit pouch falls within their four-point strength scale:

  • - Strength 2/4: 2.9mg per pouch
  • - Strength 3/4: 3.8 or 4.5mg per pouch (varies depending on flavour)
  • - Strength 4/4: 6mg per pouch


XQS is a tobacco-free brand, also from Sweden. It is popular in Europe, owing to its regional flavours and attention to detail. 

XQS has been supplying products in Nordic countries since 2005, moving operations to the UK later. The company believes its products are ideal for anyone looking for an alternative to conventional tobacco smoking. All its boxes contain 20 nicotine pouches.

Top 3 XQS Flavours


1. Twin Apple

Twin Apple is one of XQS’s more popular products. It gets its name from the tartness of green apples and the sweetness of red apples, offering a sweet-and-sour combo. 

2. Cactus Sour

Cactus Sour is another popular flavour from this Swedish brand, offering a combination of tart cactus-like flavours. 

3. Black Cherry

Finally, the popular Black Cherry that gets its name and flavour from full-bodied cherries - a high-strength option for those looking for higher nicotine strengths. It also has some sweeter notes to bring out more of the berry flavours. 

XQS Nicotine Strength

Most of XQS’s nicotine pouches are available in the following strengths: 


  • - Regular: 4mg per pouch
  • Strong: 8mg per pouch
  • - Extra Strong: 9.6mg-11.2mg per pouch


On! makes tobacco-free nicotine pouches and snus in numerous flavours, similar to the other manufacturers in this post. The brand started as a cigar manufacturer but soon moved over to snus when it became clear where the market was going. 

Top 3 On! Flavours


1. Spearmint

On!’s most popular flavour is spearmint, offering sweet notes of mint. Spearmint is available in two strengths: 3mg and 6mg. 

2. Spicy Margarita

Spicy Margarita features a lime flavour, which offers the user a slightly tangy, citrusy taste. It is available in a normal strength of 3mg per pouch.

3. Mint

Another popular On! flavour is the classic Mint. The pouches start completely dry and then slowly release their flavour once in the mouth. Mint is available in three strengths: 3mg, 6mg and 9 mg.

On! Nicotine Strengths

On! manufactures products with varying nicotine content. Some flavours are available in multiple strengths.

Nicotine strength options include: 

  • - 3mg/pouch
  • - 6mg/pouch
  • - 9mg/pouch

Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit is the nicotine pouch-producing subsidiary of Japan Tobacco International, a long-standing firm in the industry. The brand’s snus differs from conventional products, being tobacco-free, and comes in various flavours for placing between your lip and gum. 

Top 3 Nordic Spirit Flavours

1. Mint

Mint is Nordic Spirit’s classic flavour. The flavour is available in all nicotine strengths -  5.5 mg/pouch, 8mg/pouch and 10.3mg/pouch. The brand also offers the Spearmint flavour, which is great if you don’t like the sharpness of regular mint. 

2. Bergamot Wildberry

Nordic Spirit’s Bergamot Wildberry gives your snus a wild berry-style taste, a little bit like hibiscus tea. The soft white pouch is plant-based fibres combined with a gum base for an all-natural nicotine feeling. 

3. Mocha

Finally, you might want to try Nordic Spirit’s Mocha flavour - a blend of coffee with creamy chocolate. The pouch is only available in the strong strength category.

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Strengths

Nordic Spirit breaks products up by strengths ranging from Regular to X-Strong. The nicotine content is as follows: 

  • - Regular: 5.5mg/pouch
  • - Strong: 8mg/pouch
  • - X-Strong: 10.3mg/pouch

Some flavours, like Mint, are available in all three strengths. Others, like Mocha, are only available in one. 

For more brands like these, explore our snus collection at Northerner. 

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