Al Capone Mint Mini Dry Swedish Snus

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Cool & refreshing mint flavor
Al Capone Mint has a cool & refreshing mint flavor that delivers a long-lasting experience. This small and powerful snus will give you a quick release of nicotine. Non-drip. This snus has a dry, non-rinsing mini portion with long lasting flavors. No refrigeration needed.
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Al Capone Mint 6

Introduced in 2012 and manufactured in Sweden, Al Capone Mint 6 plus snus is considered a Dry type, mini portion. Dry type means that the tobacco is air dried and the moisture completely removed prior to being ground into a powder. Since there is no moisture, the material is dry as well. The mini part means that it’s about half the size of a traditional portion and has less snus, typically around .3 g of snus per portion. The material used in Al Capone Mint is a tea bag type material that is pretty comfortable in the lip for about an hour and a half. Even though the portions are small, they pack between 6 and 8 mg of Nicotine per portion which is pretty powerful for such a small portion and there are approximately 20 portions in each can. The can is made from black plastic and has a catch compartment on the bottom of the can but you want to know about the flavor of Al Capone Mint 6 plus so, let’s take a look! Al Capone describes the flavor as being the clean and refreshing taste of Mint with a long lasting flavor, what we taste is an earthy tobacco flavor with a peppery back-note, mixed with a hint of natural mint that’s slightly sweet. The Nicotine hit is about the same as you would experience in a full sized, white portion snus and is really easy to manage. Overall, we think that Al Capone Mint 6 plus is the perfect snus for those snus users looking for a snus that can deliver on the Nicotine, be discreet and have a light flavor that doesn’t interact with whatever you may be drinking or eating! While this is what we think about Al Capone Mint 6 Plus snus, we want to know what you taste! So, be sure to leave a review of your own! We’ll be waiting to read it!

Brand Al Capone
Manufacturer Råå S AB
Nicotine Level Regular
Flavor Mint
Product Info Flavored, Dry White, Mini
Nicotine Strength 20-26.6 mg/g
Portion Weight (g) 0.3
Water (%) 0
Core flavor Mint
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 6
Net Weight (oz) 0.21
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