Göteborgs Rapé One White Strong Swedish Snus

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Mellow, spicy tobacco, distinct notes of lavender, juniper, hints of oak, citrus.

Göteborgs Rapé One is developed by Swedish Match together with MMA fighter and snuser Alexander ”The Mauler” Gustafsson. A strong snus, but at the same time soft and flavor full.

Göteborgs Rapé One has a mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of lavender and juniper, along with hints of oak and citrus. This snus has a full sized pouch that is dry on the surface with a moist content for a low salivation and a lasting flavor release.

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Unit type Can
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Brand Göteborgs Rapé
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Level Strong
Flavor Juniperberry, Lavender
Product Info White
Nicotine (mg/g) 14
Portion Weight (g) 0.8
Water (%) 45
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 17.6
Net Weight (oz) 0.62
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