Jakobssons Strong Cola Extra Strong Swedish Snus

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Cola, notes of citrus, delightful sweetness.

Jakobssons Strong Cola Extra Strong Swedish Snus has a taste of cola and is manufactured by Gotlandssnus. The nicotine experience is 5 out of 5 compared to similar swedish snus products. The original pouches can also be experienced in slim, mini and original. You can find more news and classic swedish snus under "news" and on the Jakobssons brand page. Jakobsson's Special Strong Cola has a distinctive cola flavor with notes of citrus and a delightful sweetness. This snus has a regular sized pouch.
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“The cola flavor hit you immediately”

Do you get these nostalgic trips after you smell something?
Can you feel how it used to be when you were young and the same smell or taste hit you?

At first sight when I got the package… to be honest, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to try out this thing. I mean… Snus with Cola flavor? Sounds pretty bad!
But after glaring at the snusbox for about 10 minutes, I opened it…
The smell that hit me, it was like something taken from my childhood and put into that box. I’m not talking about that cola flavor from different sodas…
I’m talking about that real cola flavor. That flavor that is in candy (Swedish candy).
I got astound by the smell, it was so nice, not only could you feel the cola but there was also a hint of tobacco in it which actually, for some reason, fitted in perfectly.

I looked at the bags and they layed there, perfectly portioned, a bit moisture (remember this isn’t a white snus, so you want the moistured part). I picked one up and threw it in my mouth. Once it was under the lip the cola flavor hit you directly, like immediately. The cola flavor is dominant, even 10 minutes in… The only difference is, the nicotine is playing with you. Seeing how this is a strong snus, you can really feel the strength of it.
I’m used to use strong snus, but this snus was actually really strong for me, I could even feel a bit of soft nicotine kick, which was amazing.
After 30 minutes in, you can still taste the cola flavor, so it’s not like chewing gum with taste, where you throw them out after chewing for 5 minutes.

Also a thing to mention about this particular snus is that besides from the little hatch (where you put your used snus) being to small, the actual box is pretty sweet looking.

I could feel the ride coming to an end after about one hour. The snus got shrinked up and as we say in Sweden, “turned into a snail”.
This brand is something worth trying, not only is it one of a kind but the taste and strength of the snus is insane.

Overall rating:


/ Yasir, Snus Squad

Brand Jakobsson's
Manufacturer Gotlandssnus
Nicotine Level Extra strong
Flavor Cola
Product Info Flavored, Portion
Nicotine (mg/g) 14
Portion Weight (g) 1
Water (%) 50
Flavor Cola
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 20
Net Weight (oz) 0.71
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