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General Snus & Chewing Bags

General, formerly known as Generalsnus, is produced by snus manufacturer Swedish Match. One of Sweden's most well-known brands, General has a long tradition. The snus is made from over 20 different types of tobacco, completed with bergamot oil. The flavours in the snus range are emphasized by pepper and a hint of citrus. General comes in several forms; loose, portion, mini, white, and strong.

What is General Tobacco?

General is a Tobacco brand manufactured by Swedish Match - The producer of ZYN, Göteborgs Rapé & VOLT. 

In the UK General is a famous Chewing Tobacco brand - while in Sweden They're one of the most famous snus brands there is. 

Is General Snus?

General is a famous brand both in the segment of Chewing Tobacco and Snus. However, due to that Snus is illegal in the UK, but Chewing Tobacco isn't we only provide the Chewing Tobacco segment.

Even if you use Chewing Tobacco and Snus in the same way, by putting it under your lip, and that both of them contain tobacco there are differences between them in the process of producing the them. -Read more here-

Flavours of General

General are served in one type of flavour - Classic Tobacco with a nice well rounded touch of bergamot oil. The portions are served in classic brown pouches for a higher flavour release and more rinse, or white pouches for a more long lasting but less intense flavour experinece. 

General Nicotine Strengths 

In our assortment, we provide 2 different products from General, both with the same nicotine level - Extra Strong. With 18mg of nicotine per pouch, both of them are recommended for experienced users of nicotine and tobacco.