Ink Strong Original White Strong Chewing Bags

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Pure tobacco with a touch of bergamot/citrus.

Ink Strong Original is a modern style of chewing tobacco that has a pure tobacco flavor with a touch of bergamot/citrus. It's made from all lamina cut tobacco.

The tobacco is packed in small pouches making it easy to use. Place the chewing bag between your cheek and gum, chew gently on the bags for a stronger taste and nicotine delivery.

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“hits you pretty hard within minutes”

INK Strong Orginal has a major smell of tobacco with a small hint of citrus, this is also something that hits your tastebuds once you put the snus under your lip.

INK Strong Original also has massive strength, which actually hits you pretty hard within minutes after you put it in under your lip. It has a timelapse of about 45 minutes. I could have the snus in for 45 minutes before I had to throw it out.

Good box, nice design, snus is perfectly packed. Combination of citrus and tobacco in taste is pretty amazing.
The snus packaging is well done and fits good under your lip.

/ Yasir, Snus Squad

Product Info White
Brand Ink
Manufacturer AG Snus
Nicotine Level Strong
Flavor Citrus
Nicotine (mg/g) 15
Portion Weight (g) 0.8
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 16.8
Net Weight (oz) 0.59
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