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Explore the diverse range of JUUL vape products, offering quality vaping products to vapers across the UK. Find the full range of JUUL vape products (including JUUL devices, JUUL pods and JUUL starter kits) and get fast, free shipping with Northerner.

What is JUUL? All About JUUL UK Vape Products

JUUL was developed with the goal of offering vape products that are simple, intuitive, and as low-maintenance as possible. The JUUL UK range of vapes removes the need for dealing with messy tank refills, dealing with complex menu systems or even replacing fiddly coils. 
Their newest range, the JUUL2 Vape Kit is a good choice for UK vapers: the JUUL2 range is comprised of 3 core components

  • - JUUL2 Rechargeable Vape Device
  • - JUUL2 Prefilled Pods
  • - JUUL2 USB Charging Dock

JUUL2: Getting Started with JUUL Vape Kits

The JUUL2 starter kit is one of the popular vape kits in the UK, compatible with a range of classic tobacco and menthol-flavoured nicotine pods. 
To get started with JUUL, it is recommended that you get the JUUL starter kit as it has all you need to get underway. Each of these JUUL starter kits contains a JUUL2 device, two JUUL2 prefilled pods and a JUUL2 USB charging dock. 
The JUUL rechargeable pod kits are a rechargeable alternative to the classic disposable vapes: you can just change out the pods when they run out and recharge the device when it runs out of power, rather than needing to get an entirely new vape pen. The range of different JUUL rechargeable pod kits offers a hassle-free vaping experience and is a popular UK vape choice. If you are looking for new vape kits, consider trying the JUUL2 vape kit.

JUUL2 Vape: Introducing the Rechargeable JUUL Vape

JUUL devices currently come in two popular metallic colours: slate and silver. These devices are rechargeable, meaning you can just connect it to your JUUL charging dock when your device runs out of power, rather than needing to buy a whole new vape (as you do with disposable vapes). Engineered for a consistent vaping experience, the JUUL vape device has an ergonomic vape pen design and can fit easily into your pocket or bag. These vape devices are compatible with JUUL2 pods: prefilled nicotine pods that come in a range of different nicotine strengths and classic flavours.

JUUL2 Pods: Prefilled Nicotine Pods for JUUL2 Devices

You can shop the full range of JUUL2 pods on Northerner. The range of JUUL pods come prefilled with nicotine eliquid in 3 different nicotine strength options (9mg, 18mg and 20mg) and a range of tobacco or menthol flavours. 
The range of JUUL pods are made with classic JUUL eliquid that combines glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils,  extracts and flavour with nicotine and benzoic acid. 
Each kit from JUUL has temperature-regulated vapour technology, made to work in unison with the JUUL eliquid for consistent vapour production. 

JUUL USB Charging Dock: Quick Charging for Your JUUL Device

You can also purchase the JUUL USB charging dock separately. The charging dock allows you to recharge your JUUL2 device quickly and easily by plugging your JUUL2 Charging Dock into a USB port and laying the JUUL2 device sideways on the magnetic dock. The JUUL USB Charging Dock is only compatible with JUUL2 vapes, as it is made specifically for this range of vapes from JUUL.

Discover the Best of JUUL UK

While the best JUUL vape products for you may vary, the most popular choices on Northerner are currently:

The Best of JUUL Pods on Northerner

Choosing which vape pods to buy can be tricky, so to help you get started here are the top 5 JUUL pods according to Northerner customers:

Order Your JUUL Vape on Northerner

You can order your favourite JUUL vape products including JUUL2 devices and JUUL2 pods on Northerner. With over 25 years experience, our range of quality products come with our low price guarantee as well as fast shipping on every order (did we mention that shipping is also free?). Order today and get your favourite vape products straight to your home from Northerner’s UK vape shop!