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Tobacco manufacturer V2 Tobacco is famous for their strong snus – and Thunder is no different. Thunder offers a strong flavour and nicotine experience, regardless which Thunder can you opt for. Thunder comes in portion snus, loose snus, white snus, and white dry snus. All products are made from a Swedish recipe and have a distinct and strong tobacco flavour. Thunder comes in several minty flavours, as well as original and raspberry.

What are Thunder?

Thunder is one of the biggest brands on the market of oral nicotine and tobacco providing it with nicotine pouches.

Thunder is produced by V2 Tobacco, a Danish manufacturer, famous for brands like Thunder, Offroad, and Chainsaw. V2 Tobacco is today included in the Swedish Match-family. 

Is Thunder Snus?

No, Thunder is a brand providing Nicotine Pouches and Chewing Tobacco. The difference between Snus, Chew, and Nicotine Pouches is that snus and chew both contain tobacco but are manufactured in different ways. Nicotine Pouches on the other hand are completely tobacco-free. 

The similarities between the three categories is that all of them are easy to use under the upper lip as well as that they all can be used anywhere at any time. 

Different Strengths of Thunder

Thunder's assortment is all about high nicotine strength. In between the almost 20 products in our assortment you find Strong and Extra Strong products making Thunder mainly recommended for experienced users of nicotine and tobacco. 

  • Extra Strong - Recommended for Experienced users. In Thunder's category for Extra Strong products you are able to find nicotine pouches as well as chewing tobacco in many various flavours, from Citrus and Apple to many different shades of Mint.

  • Strong - Recommended for regular and experienced users of nicotine and tobacco. Here Thunder provides the market mainly with Mint flavoured portions but if you are up for a classic tobacco taste - check out the chewing bag Thunder Original. 

Thunder Flavours

In Thunder's assortment, there is a lot of different shades of mint - from sweet and peppermint to menthol, but also some nice twists - like Apple Mint, Citrus, Classic Tobacco, and Red Berries. 

Thunder's portions are mainly served in slim and mini portions, but also some of them in large pouches.