Nick And Johnny Crushed Ice White Swedish Snus

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Mellow, spicy tobacco, notes of mint, wintergreen.

Nick And Johnny Crushed Ice White Swedish Snus has a taste of mint and is manufactured by Swedish Match. The nicotine experience is 3 out of 5 compared to similar swedish snus products. Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice has a mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of mint and wintergreen. This snus has a full sized pouch that is dry on the surface with a moist content for a low salivation and a lasting flavor release You can find more news and classic swedish snus under "news" and on the Nick and Johnny brand page.
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“the best mint flavored snus I have ever tried”

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Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Review:

On opening the can you get an instant hit of a really nice fresh mint smell with slight tobacco hints in the background. The portions themselves are a great size and are really comfortable under the lip, being a white portion they are dry and take a bit of saliva to really release the flavor but it is definitely worth it.

The flavor it self is a really nice combination of different mint flavors which is just right it really gives off a wonderful cooling sensation from the very start which lasts for a good while. The flavor isn’t at all overpowering which can be an issue with mint flavored snus so is a great bonus. It has a great long lasting flavor and I can keep it in for about an hour before I start noticing any dripping which again is fantastic. This is by far the best mint flavored snus I have ever tried and makes an appearance under my lip very regularly.

I would recommend this if you want to try a great mint snus.


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/ Matt, Snus Squad

Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White

Released in 2013, Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White portion snus is manufactured by the folks at Swedish Match and is classed as a White type portion. White type portions, as you may or may not know, do not go thru the extra step in the manufacturing process that adds a few drops of water to the portion, prior to being placed in the can. While the portions are dryer than an Original type, Swedish Match uses the same soft material that they use in all their portion snus and is comfortable in the lip for as long as the flavor lasts which, on average, is about two hours. Swedish Match has also arranged the portions in their “Star” formation which also adds to the comfort. Each can of Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White contains 22, one gram portions with a Nicotine content of approximately 15 mg each. Even though the Nicotine in Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White is high, the release is quite manageable and even for about one hour. Now, Let’s take a look at the flavor! Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White’s flavor is pretty unique to the Swedish Match line, being one of the few in the Swedish Match line to sport an extreme, Icy cool Mint flavor with much less drip that is found in other extreme Mint flavors! The flavor is predominantly cool, fresh mint with a subtle sweet note. As the portions flavor begins to mellow out, about 15 minutes, the flavor changes from the extreme mint to a more mellow sweetish mint with hints of peppery tobacco and a touch of salt. Overall, if you’re looking for a snus with the extreme flavors of icy cool Mint but with less drip, you have to give Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice White a try! Be sure to leave a review of your own letting others what you think!

Brand Nick And Johnny
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Level Regular
Flavor Mint
Product Info Flavored, White
Nicotine (mg/g) 12
Portion Weight (g) 1
Water (%) 53.60
Flavor Mint, Wintergreen
For 1 Roll order 5
Net Weight (g) 22
Net Weight (oz) 0.78
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