Röda Lacket Loose Strong Swedish Snus

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Dark tobacco, notes of leather, dried fruits, hints of dried herbs, smoke.
Röda Lacket Loose Strong is a classic Swedish Snus product. The format is “loose”, meaning it’s simply moist, fine cut tobacco which you pinch yourself to form a portion size of your choice. The portion is placed under the lip to enjoy a pure tobacco experience. Röda Lacket Loose Strong is manufactured by Swedish Match and has a dark tobacco flavour with notes of leather, dried fruits and herbs. The nicotine strength is 4 on a 5-grade scale, placing it within the “extra strong” range compared to loose Swedish snus products. Swedish snus can also be experienced in slim, mini and original portions. You find more classic Swedish snus alternatives on the Röda Lacket brand page.
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Our Röda Lacket, Loose Review

Made in Göteborg, Sweden by Swedish Match, Röda Lacket loose snus is classified as a Fine grind type loose snus meaning that the tobacco used in Röda Lacket is ground to almost a powder type consistency before going thru the flavoring and packaging process. This type of grind makes the snus easy to hand mold prillas as well as using the tool of your choice to make them. For our review, we used both methods to make the prillas and had the tool made ones last for over 2 hours before they began to fall apart. The hand formed ones lasted about 2 hours. The flavor seemed like it would go on forever but we maxed it at the 2 ½ hour mark. This kind of grind is also pretty comfortable under the lip for the entire time as well! Röda Lacket’s can is made from a paperboard bottom with a gold plastic lid and paper label. Some think that the paperboard cans are less efficient in keeping the snus moist and fresh but, with the thin layer of food grade, paraffin wax lining the inside of the can and the outer rim, the can stays sealed really well and keeps the snus fresh just as well as the plastic cans but, our can obsession is showing, let’s talk flavors! Röda Lacket’s flavor is just as complex as its portion type sibling who has a light tobacco flavor and the taste of red berries and Licorice. The unique thing is that while some have tasted a slightly sweet licorice flavor; others have tasted lightly sweet, red berries like Strawberries. In either case, these flavors along with a slight saltiness give Röda Lacket loose snus a character all its own but, this is what we taste. We’d like to hear what you think! So why not give a can of Röda Lacket loose snus a try and see what flavors you can detect! Be sure to leave us a review of your own and let us know what you taste, we’ll be looking forward to reading it!

Brand Röda Lacket
Manufacturer Swedish Match
Nicotine Level Strong
Flavor Fruit
Product Info Loose
Nicotine (mg/g) 7.5
Water (%) 56
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 42
Net Weight (oz) 1.48
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