Skruf Nordic Slim White Swedish Snus

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Flavor of sweet licorice.

Skruf Nordic Slim White Swedish Snus is a modern Swedish Snus product in a convenient portion format. Skruf Nordic Slim White Swedish Snus has a sweet taste of licorice and is manufactured by Skruf Snus. The nicotine strength is 2 on a 5-grade scale, placing it within the “normal” range compared to similar Swedish Snus products. The portion pouch is defined as “white”, meaning it has a dry surface with moderately moist content – and “slim”, meaning it’s slightly smaller in size than “original” yet slightly larger than “mini”. Swedish Snus can also be experienced in the format “loose”. You can find more classic Swedish Snus products on the Skruf Snus brand page.
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“futuristic in some way”

A few years back I worked on a ferry out on the seas, and usually the ocean was quite still but sometimes it would get really stormy. I got seasick from time to time and always got the recommendation to eat a bit of liquorice when that happened. Although I really don’t like the taste of it I had to eat it to calm my sea-sickness down. So why am I telling you this?

Because the Skruf Slim Nordic White has a scent and taste of liquorice, and I’m really surprised that I liked it so much although I don’t like that type of taste (candy, fennel etc). Also, it’s a slim portion (which is my fave snus-size) so I liked it a lot. The pouches felt softer to the touch than I’m used to so it was a nice contrast from the regular ones I use. The nicotine kicks in after about 10 minutes which is pretty normal, and as this is a white portion you can have it in for a longer period of time (depending on what you’re doing).

I also have to tell you about the box! I love boxes of snus that gives me a special feeling, cause it makes you curios about what’s inside. This box is light grey and kind of modern, almost futuristic in some way. I think the Skruf-team is on to something here…
To sum up, my mind is liquorice-blown!


/ Sara, Snus Squad

Skruf Slim Nordic White Portion

Introduced in early 2012 and made by Skruf AB in Sweden, Skruf Slim Nordic White portion is classified as a Long, White type portion. White type means that the portions do not go thru the final step in the manufacturing process that adds a bit more moisture to each of them and Long type means that the portions are a little longer and thinner than a regular portion making the snus sit more discreetly in the lip. While White type portions tend to be a bit dryer than Original type portions, Skruf uses a soft, teabag type material with their portions which makes them comfortable in the lip for as long as the flavor lasts, which is for about 2 hours. Each can of Skruf Slim Nordic White portion contains 24, .7 gram portions with each having approximately 8 mg of Nicotine. Skruf Stark White’s can is made from gray plastic with a clear plastic label and yes, there is a used portion compartment in the lid of the can but, enough about the can, let’s talk about the flavor! Skruf Slim Nordic White is a pretty unique snus flavor for Skruf in the fact that it’s Licorice flavored but not as intensely flavored as other Licorice flavored snus on the market. What we taste is a lightly sweet and salty, Black Licorice flavor, which is a traditional Swedish flavor, in the front with subtle hints of peat and leather that come from the quality tobaccos used by Skruf. Overall, a traditionally flavored Licorice snus that’s not overpowering. We feel that Skruf Slim Nordic White would be a great snus for those looking to experience a true Scandinavian flavor in a lighter overall taste! While this is what our thoughts are on Skruf Slim Nordic White portion, we want to hear your thoughts so, be sure to leave a review so that others can read what you think!

Brand Skruf
Manufacturer Skruf Snus
Nicotine Level Regular
Flavor Sweet Licorice
Product Info Flavored, Slim, White
Nicotine (mg/g) 11
Portion Weight (g) 0.7
Core flavor Licorice
For 1 Roll order 10
Net Weight (g) 16.6
Net Weight (oz) 0.59
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