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Northerner offers a lot of brands on the site but it's a jungle if you're new to the pouch community and don't know what to pick. Here's a list of some of the most popular snus brands on site.

If you want information about the nicotine world please see our blog The Northerner where you can read interesting articles about everything that has to do with nicotine pouches and snus.

- Nordic Spirit
- Velo Nicotine Pouches
- Loop Nicotine Pouches
- Zyn Nicotine Pouches
- Skruf

Tobacco-free Snus and Nicotine Pouches

Welcome to Northerner, where you can shop for and purchase a whole range of different nicotine pouches. We are totally dedicated to all these tobacco-free snus bags alternatives so that you can enjoy your nicotine hit with a range of delightful flavours. We're here to make it easy for you to get your favourite nicotine pouch and all at competitive pricing. So, take a look at the different nicotine pouches we have available online.


  • Great prices across all products
  • Fast delivery to your home
  • Massive range of different brands


Dedicated to bringing Scandinavian specialities to the rest of the world, we're now one of the largest online suppliers of nicotine pouches. In order to make sure you're getting the very best, we constantly look at all the available tobacco-free products out there. This means that we're quick to take on new, quality brands, and all with fast shipping and great prices. Browse our collection today and buy Swedish snus alternatives right here!

Why buy tobacco-free snus products?

Tobacco-free snus types are a more modern take on the original 19th-century Swedish snus. Growing in popularity in the UK, these discrete little pouches are also known as nicopods or all-white snus. Of course, more and more people are becoming curious as to what exactly these slim bags offer. Indeed, they provide a nicotine hit with a range of flavours and aromas through the mouth. But there's more to them than just that, so read on to find out more about nicotine pouches.


The increase of different types of tobacco-free products available online has opened the door for a greater number of people to enjoy this popular product. With a nicotine pouch, you get the same experience as you would with regular snus, but there's just no tobacco. Instead of using tobacco, nicotine pouches use plant fibres mixed with flavours to create the same experience, but without smoke or teeth discolouration thanks to the white colour of the pouches.

Why is quality important for tobacco-free snus?

At Northerner, we're all about quality control. This is because we want you to have the best experience when shopping with us and buying our products. This means that we carefully vet the different brands that we sell on our site. We make sure that we source our products from the very best nicotine pouch manufacturers, such as Swedish Mach and Gotlandssnus, as both have strict quality controls in place. Some of our top snus brands include:

  • - And many more!

How to use tobacco-free snus pouches?

If you've ever tried Swedish snus, then you will already have a good idea of how to begin when it comes to a nicotine pouch. And that's because, really, they work in the same way. Essentially, you just take the slim nicotine pouch and slide it under your lip. Most people go for the top lip, but you can use your bottom lip too. The pouch stays snugly and discretely in place while you enjoy the flavour as it gets absorbed.

  1. Moisten the pouch
  2. Tuck it under your lip
  3. Leave it for 30 mins for the full flavour


What tobacco-free snus flavours are there?

When you start shopping for your nicotine pouches in the UK, you'll see there are several different flavours available. For an icy blast, there are a number of different cool mint, spearmint, or even peppermint flavours to enjoy. For gentler options, many brands have a range of tropical, fruity, or berry flavours to experiment with. Looking for something stronger? Then why not opt for a traditional bergamot or go wild with a mocha, espresso, or chocolate flavour?

Get your tobacco-free snus order today

Whatever you choose to order from our website, you can be sure that it's going to be fresh. We receive daily deliveries of our tobacco-free products, which are then shipped out quickly and efficiently as soon as you place your order. Take a look at our new arrivals or make the most of our current savings and offers. We always have promotions available, so you can try out exciting new products easily when shopping.

How to choose your tobacco-free snus

When it comes to picking the best tobacco-free snus pouches in the UK, then there are a lot of things to consider. Personal preference comes into play, of course, as you need to start with the perfect flavour profile. Don't forget to consider the strength of the nicotine pouch too — beginners are better off with Regular, while daily users might like our Extra Strong range. Use our filters to find the perfect pouch today!


VELO Freeze 

VELO Freeze is Nicotine Pouches with a nicotine content of 10,9mg per pouch, making it classified as extra strong. Flavor-wise Lyft Freeze provides exactly what its name reveals - a kick of Ice cold Mint.

Skruf SuperWhite Fresh Mint #54

Skruf SuperWhite Fresh #4 is a perfect choice for any experienced user looking for slim and extra strong nicotine pouches together with a powerful and long-lasting flavour of mint.

Nordic Spirit Mint Extra Strong

Nordic Spirit Mint are cold nicotine pouches that are recommended for experienced users of nicotine. With a nicotine content of 10.2 mg per pouch, all packed in slim portions, together with a long-lasting flavour of mint.

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