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Northerner offers a lot of brands on the site but it's a jungle if you're new to the pouch community and don't know what to pick. Here's a list of some of the most popular snus brands on site.

If you want information about the nicotine world please see our blog The Northerner where you can read interesting articles about everything that has to do with nicotine pouches and snus.

Our Northerner Product Range

Welcome to Northerner, where you can shop for and purchase a whole range of different nicotine pouches and vapes. We are totally dedicated to all these tobacco-free alternatives so that you can enjoy your nicotine without the added tobacco. We're here to make it easy for you to get your favourite nicotine pouches and vapes at competitive prices. So, take a look at the different nicotine pouches and vapes we have available online and experience the Northerner difference.
  • Great Prices Across All Our Products with Our Low Price Guarantee
  • Fast, Free Delivery from our UK Warehouse (No minimum spend)
  • Massive Range of Top Brands
  • All Products are Laboratory Tested To Ensure You Get Only the Best Products

Tobacco Free Snus and Nicotine Pouches on Northerner UK

Nicotine pouches (sometimes referred to as white snus or nicopods) are a tobacco and smoke-free nicotine option. They are increasingly popular in the UK, with many different brands, nicotine strengths and flavours available. 

Dedicated to bringing Scandinavian specialities to the rest of the world, we're now one of the largest online suppliers of nicotine pouches. In order to make sure you're getting the very best, we constantly look at all the available tobacco-free products out there. This means that we're quick to take on new, quality brands, and all with fast shipping and great prices. Browse our collection today and buy Swedish snus alternatives right here!

Why Buy Tobacco-Free Snus Products?

Tobacco-free snus types are a more modern take on the original 19th-century Swedish snus. Growing in popularity in the UK, these little pouches are also known as nicopods, all-white snus or even tobacco-free snus. Of course, more and more people are becoming curious as to what exactly these slim bags offer. While they provide the nicotine without the tobacco and in a range of flavours (minus the smoke too!), there are more benefits to choosing tobacco-free snus over tobacco products.
With a nicotine pouch, you get the same experience as you would with regular snus, but there's just no tobacco. Instead of using tobacco, nicotine pouches use plant fibres mixed with flavours to create the same experience, but without smoke or teeth discolouration thanks to the white colour of the pouches.

At Northerner, we're all about quality control. This is because we want you to have the best experience when shopping with us and buying our products. This means that we carefully vet the different brands that we sell on our site. We make sure that we source our products from the best manufacturers and also test all products in a lab before we sell them, with strict quality controls in place. 
promotions available, so you can try out exciting new products easily when shopping.

How to Choose Your Tobacco-Free Snus

When it comes to picking the best tobacco-free snus pouches in the UK, then there are a lot of things to consider. Personal preference comes into play, of course, as you need to pick a flavour that you like. Don't forget to consider the strength of the nicotine pouch too — it is best to start with a less intense nicotine strength and work your way up to find the right strength, rather than the other way around. Use our filters to find the perfect pouch today (and check out our bestsellers to see what other Northerner customers are loving!)




1. VELO Freeze 

VELO Freeze is Nicotine Pouches with a nicotine content of 10.9mg per pouch, meaning it is classified as an extra strong pouch. Flavour-wise VELO Freeze provides exactly what its name reveals - a kick of ice cold Mint.

2. Skruf SuperWhite Fresh Mint #54

Skruf SuperWhite Fresh #4 is a perfect choice for pouch users who are looking for slim and extra strong nicotine pouches that have the long-lasting flavour of mint.

3. Nordic Spirit Mint Extra Strong

Nordic Spirit Mint are nicotine pouches that come with a nicotine content of 10.2 mg per pouch. This is all packed in slim portions, together with a long-lasting flavour of mint.

Vapes Online on Northerner UK

On Northerner, we stock a range of quality vapes, including vape pod kits and disposable vapes. Our offering includes the most popular brands including Elf Bar, Lost Mary and Elux. 
Our carefully selected range of vapes includes over 50 different vape flavour combinations as well as different nicotine strength options (including 0mg, 10mg and 20mg) - you can order vapes online with us!

Types of Vapes: The Different Options on Northerner

On Northerner, our current selection focuses on disposable vapes and vape pod kits (plus extra vape pods). 

Disposable Vapes: The Classic, Convenient Vape Choice

A disposable vape is a pre-filled, single-use vaping device that comes ready to use pretty much straight out of the box. It typically resembles a traditional cigarette or a pocket-sized pen-like device - but they can vary in style and design from brand to brand. They offer a hassle-free and portable vaping experience, as they require no assembly, charging, or messy refilling. This is part of what makes disposable vapes a popular choice for those looking for simplicity and convenience. 
All disposable vapes on Northerner are TPD compliant, containing a maximum of 2ml of eliquid and 20mg of nicotine per device. 
Our range of disposable vapes in the UK has over 7 top brands and product ranges including:

  • Elf Bar 600
  • Lost Mary BM600
  • Lost Mary QM600
  • Vuse Go
  • SKE Crystal Bars

Vape Pods and Kits: An Alternative to the Classic Disposable

Vape pods and kits offer a similar convenience to disposable vapes and offer a more flexible vape solution. A vape pod kit has a rechargeable vape pen device that has a range of compatible pods (purchased separately) you can change out when they run out or if you want to change the flavour or nicotine strength. 
Vape pod kits also offer a more sustainable alternative,  with rechargeable devices and interchangeable pods. They are compact and user friendly - plus you can choose from a range of vape pods that come in many classic vape flavours (or you can even choose refillable pods if you want to customise the experience even more!)

How to Choose the Right Vape for You

Ready to choose the a vape? There are several things you should consider when buying a vape. You need to consider what type of vape you want - whether you want the convenience of a disposable vape or the flexibility and longevity of a vape pod kit. Once you have decided on this, you can start looking for flavours you like, and look at what brands have those options. It is also important to note that the experience can alter from brand to brand, so it can be good to look at trying a couple of different brands until you find your favourite. 


1. Elf Bar 600 Watermelon 


If you're looking for a high-quality disposable vape with a sweet watermelon flavour, the Elf Bar Watermelon is an excellent choice. With enough e-liquid and battery life for 600 puffs, it is made for all vapers. Plus, with no need for refilling or charging, it's a hassle-free option for those on-the-go.

Prices start at £3.35 per bar (available in packs of 1, 5, 10 and 20 Elf Bars).

2. Lost Mary BM600 Pineapple Ice

Want a high-quality disposable vape with a tart pineapple flavour with a hint of chilling mint? Consider trying the Lost Mary BM600 Pineapple Ice. With enough e-liquid and battery life for 600 puffs, it is made for all vapers. Plus, it comes with a unique bottle-flask design. 

Prices start at £3.40 per bar (available in packs of 1, 5, 10 and 20 Lost Mary vapes).

3. Crystal Bar Blue Fusion

A popular choice of disposable vape, the Blue Fusion Crystal Bar is has a flavour combination that mixes three kinds of berries. These vapes have a powerful internal battery that lasts to the final puffs, and is a popular choice for MTL vapers. 

Prices start at £3.55 per bar (available in packs of 1, 5, 10 and 20 Lost Mary vapes).

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