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Introducing 4NX, made by 4NX Pouches Limited: a collection of tobacco-free, all-white pouches perfect for nicotine on-the-go. Explore their selection of extra-strong pouches available in 8 popular flavours. Order your 4NX pouches today and enjoy fast, complimentary shipping from our UK warehouse. 

About 4NX Nicotine Pouches

Experience the bold flavours and nicotine strength of 4NX nicotine pouches. All 4NX pouches are slim and offer nicotine levels ranging up to 18mg per pouch. With a variety of flavours to choose from, why not try 4NX and find your new favourite nicotine pouch?

The Full Range of 4NX Nicotine Strengths

Explore our selection of 4NX nicotine pouches on Haypp, all of which are extra strong, with nicotine content ranging from 6mg to 18mg per pouch.

FlavourNicotine Strength OptionsPouch Size
4NX Mint6mg, 18mgSlim
4NX Icy Mint10mgSlim
4NX Blue Raspberry Ice10mgSlim
4NX Fire and Ice12mgSlim
4NX Energy Ice12mgSlim
4NX Arctic Mint12mgSlim
4NX Tropical Ice12mgSlim
4NX Watermelon Ice10mgSlim

Discover All 8 4NX Flavours

Explore all of 4NX pouch flavours, ranging from various mint options to a selection of sweet ice flavours. The 4NX nicotine pouches available on Northerner are:

  • 4NX Mint
  • 4NX Icy Mint
  • 4NX Blue Raspberry Ice
  • 4NX Fire and Ice
  • 4NX Energy Ice
  • 4NX Arctic Mint
  • 4NX Tropical Ice
  • 4NX Watermelon Ice

Top 3 4NX Nicotine Pouches Flavours

On Northerner in the UK, the top 3 4NX nicotine pouch flavours (as rated by our customers) are:

  1. 1. 4NX Fireand Ice Snus 
  2. 2. 4NX Watermelon Ice Snus 
  3. 3. 4NX Arctic Mint Snus

Using 4NX: A Step By Step

Experience the ease and convenience of nicotine pouches, a smoke-free and tobacco-free alternative to traditional tobacco products. Follow these 4 simple steps to get started:

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1. Pop a 4NX pouch in your mouth

2. Place it under your upper or lower lip

3. Leave it for up to 30 minutes (adjusting the pouch if it becomes uncomfortable)

4. Remove the 4NX pouch and dispose of it either in the storage container in the lid or straight in the bin

Order 4NX on Northerner

Enjoy the convenience of ordering all your 4NX pouches from Northerner: with our fast shipping options from our UK warehouse. Explore our wide range of popular vapes and nicotine pouches, all backed by our competitive pricing guarantee.