Chewing Tobacco Bags

Here you will find a list of all our chew tobacco products for your liking.

What is chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco or in this case bags are tobacco and nicotine filled pouches similar to nicotine pouches and snus that you place under your lip to get your nicotine intake.


Chewing tobacco brands

At Northerner we offer chewing bags from several manufacturer and brands. Here you will find some of the most popular ones: Ink, General, Göteborg Rapé, Malmö Kardus, Odens, Rite, Siberia, Sirius, Thunder & U Sample


Chewing tobacco vs. Chewing bags

When people talk about chewing bags they often refers to chewing tobacco, there's been a small misunderstanding on what to call the oral tobacco product. Chewing tobacco is a tobacco product that you chew on to release flavours and nicotine then place it under your upper or lower lip but is not at all like the bags och pouches. If you've seen old western movies you can see the cowboys having a small bump on the lower lip and they spit alot, that's more like the real chewing tobacco or sometimes referred to "spitting tobacco". The chewing bags are products are chopped tobacco leafs placed in a small cloth like pouch that you place under your upper lip and enjoy the slow flow of tobacco juices.


Is chewing tobacco bags snus?

Even if they're similar to each other it's two very different products. Snus has another manufacturing procedur where you ferment the leaves and then you grind the leaves and with the chewing bags you don't ferment the product and you chop instead of grind the tobacco leaves. Snus is also illegal to sell outside of Sweden (there's some exceptions to this though) while chewing bags are more accepted in countries like United Kingdom and United States.