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Elux Bar

Elux is a brand of disposable vapes known for their convenience, user-friendly design and range of different flavours. The Elux Bar 600 is their best-known disposable vape: known for their compact design and hassle-free vaping experience. Each Elux Bar is safety tested and every Elux bar pen is designed so you can take it on the go with you: carry the lightweight device anywhere thanks to the slim and compact design.

Elux Vapes

How Long Do Elux Disposable Vapes Last?

The Elux Bar 600 is equipped with a 550mAh battery that can last up to 600 puffs and comes prefilled with 2% (20mg) nic salt e-liquid. The device is disposable and once the battery dies or the juice runs out you can just change it out for a new disposable vape kit! No need to maintenance, changing coils or refill the e-liquid. 

Elux Bar Flavours

Elux bars come in several flavours including:

Can I Buy Elux Disposable Bars in the UK?

Get your hands on Elux bars by ordering on Northerner UK. Don't wait, order now and take advantage of our fast and free shipping straight from our UK warehouse. Northerner UK offers a wide range of popular vapes from top brands such as Elf Bar, Aroma King, Lost Mary and Elux. Browse our selection online and find the perfect vape for you today!

How Do I Make Sure My Elux Bar is Legit?

To make sure you are buying a genuine Elux disposable vape, it is recommended that you buy from a reputable retailer such as Northerner. You should also be aware of the signs of fake Elux products, such as missing embossing on the vape device.

Elux FAQ

Is Elux better than Elf Bar?

This depends on your preferences: as the flavours and experiences differ between the products. However, Elux are made by the same producer as Elf Bar, so there could be some similarities - some reviewers compare them to Elf Bars, but with a larger vape pen.