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Elux Vapes

Discover the world of Elux, a quality manufacturer of disposable vapes since its establishment in 2021 by EluxTech. Explore the Elux collection of user-friendly disposable devices, offering a diverse selection of high-quality flavours. Dive into the range with the Elux Legend Mini II and Elux Vibe 600.

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Explore the Elux Vapes Range

Discover the world of Elux, a renowned vape brand that has quickly gained popularity since its creation in 2021. Known for their commitment to quality and innovative technology, Elux offers a range of vaping devices that cater to vapers of all levels, prioritising a quality user experience.

Elux Disposable Vapes

Experience the convenience and quality of Elux disposable vapes, including the popular Elux Legend Mini II and Elux Cube bars. These disposable electronic vape bars are ready to use out of the box and feature inhale activation for a hassle-free vaping experience. In the UK, all Elux bars are TPD compliant, containing a maximum of 2ml of e-liquid with a 20mg (2%) nic salt strength.

Key Features of Elux Disposables:

  • - 500mAh internal battery
  • - Up to 600 puffs per bar
  • - Inhale activation
  • - 20mg (2%) nic salt
  • - Prefilled with 2ml e-liquid
  • - No setup required (use your bar straight out of the box)
  • - Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) vaping compatible

Elevate Your Vaping Experience with the Elux Legend Mini II

Meet the Elux Legend Mini II. This compact and powerful vape pen has a user-friendly design, with a compact vape pen device. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a popular choice for vapers on the go. With advanced coil technology, the Elux Legend Mini II delivers flavour and vapour production with every puff. Find a quality blend of performance, flavour, and design with the Elux Legend Mini II.

Design Meets Experience: the Elux Cube 600

Introducing the Elux Cube, one of the latest additions to the Elux vape family. This device offers around 600 puffs, providing you with a consistent vaping experience right to the final puffs. No need to worry about charging, as the Elux Cube comes pre-charged with a long-lasting battery that will keep you vaping until the very last puff.

What sets the Elux Cube 600 apart is its use of nic salt e-liquid. Unlike traditional vapes that use freebase nicotine, the Cube 600 comes prefilled with 2ml of flavoured nic salt e-liquid with a nicotine strength of 20mg (2%). 

Say goodbye to complicated menu systems and fiddly buttons. The Elux Cube 600 features inhale activation technology, allowing you to start vaping right out of the box. 
Not only does the Elux Cube 600 perform, but each bar was given a unique design. Available in a range of ombre colors with crystal clear casing, it combines portability with nice design. Remember to familiarize yourself with the user manual and any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer before using the Elux Cube 600. 

A Unique Vape Design: the Elux Firerose Nova

Experience the same Elux quality and flavour in an innovative bottle-flask vape device with the Elux Firerose Nova. This hassle-free and portable device requires no setup and has inhale activation technology for up to 600 puffs. It's palm-sized and lightweight, with a comfortable grip and 550mAh internal battery. Each Firerose by Elux vape comes prefilled with 2ml of eliquid for easy and convenient use. Take the Firerose Nova with you on the go and enjoy the convenience and portability it provides.

Compact Convenience with New Flavours: Elux Vibe 600

The Elux Vibe 600 is a newly released vape which provides up to 600 puffs thanks to the 550mAh built-in battery and 2ml of nic salt eliquid. Inhale activation technology makes the Elux Vibe 600 easy to use, so you can start using this vape with minimal fuss right away. Enjoy portability and design with the Elux Vibe 600.

Choose a Nicotine Free Option with the Elux Legend 3500

Are you in search of a vape that doesn't contain nicotine? The Elux Legend 3500 puffs is the ideal choice from the Elux vapes range. This disposable vape offers an abundant puff count and a powerful battery, making it highly convenient and comfortable to use.

Enjoy the Portability of the Elux Slim

Experience vaping on the move with the Elux Slim disposable vape. With its slim and compact design, these disposables are tailored for vapers who prioritise convenience in their vaping experience. Each Elux Slim offers around 600 puffs, powered by a 500mAh battery to last until the very final puffs. The inhale-activation feature ensures a seamless vaping experience with no buttons to press or complicated instructions to follow. Each bar comes prefilled with 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid which makes messy refills are a thing of the past. Choose from 6 distinct flavours and enjoy the sleek design of the Elux Slim, catering to a variety of vapers' preferences.

Top Rated Elux Flavours of 2023 

Discover the most sought-after Elux vapes based on customer data. While individual tastes may vary, the top 3 bestselling Elux bars available on Northerner are:

  1. 1. Elux Legend Mini Blueberry Raspberry
  2. 2. Elux Legend Mini Red Apple Ice
  3. 3. Elux Legend Mini Pink Lemonade

Try these 3 popular Elux flavours and elevate your vaping experience with the best Elux vapes. 

Elux FAQ

Why Did Elux Bars Get Banned?

Elux Legend bars are illegal in the UK as the devices do not abide by TPD regulations (these devices have more than 20 mg/ml of nicotine and more than 2 ml of e-liquid). However, Elux disposable vapes (including the Elux Legend Mini II) are legal as they contain under 20mg/ml of nicotine and only 2ml of eliquid.

Are ELUX 600 Illegal in the UK?

No, Elux 600 disposable vapes are legal in the UK as it complies with TPR regulations.

Which Elux Legend Flavour is Best?

The best Elux Legend Mini flavour is Elux Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Legend Mini.

Is Elux better than Elf Bar?

This depends on your preferences: as the flavours and experiences differ between the products. However, Elux are made by the same producer as Elf Bar, so there could be some similarities - some reviewers compare them to Elf Bars, but with a larger vape pen. 

How Long Should an Elux Last You?

Typically, each Elux 600 bar lasts 1-3 days depending on your vaping style.

Why Did My Elux Run Out So Fast?

Some of the most common reasons your Elux runs out too fast are:

  1. 1. you are taking big drags (the longer the drag, the more vape juice you use up)
  2. 2. you are using your vape frequently (the more you use your vape, the quicker it will run out)