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Modern Danish brand GRITT offers refreshingly flavoured nicotine pouches that promise to wake up your taste buds and give you a boost.

This premium brand of nicotine pouches is free from tobacco but full of flavours. GRITT challenges the status quo and its stylish cans are reusable or recyclable.

GRITT Nicotine Pouches

These nicotine pouches promise flavours that are big impact and long-lasting. There are three GRITT flavours to try: Frost Bite is ice-cold and salty with a touch of mint; Crisp Ice is minty and salty for ultimate refreshment; while Maracuja offers a sharp fruity flavour with a punch of saltiness.

  • - GRITT snuff pouches: 20 pieces
  • - Weight: 12g
  • - Weight per pouch: 0.6g
  • - Nicotine: 16mg/g
Is GRITT snus?

No, GRITT is not snus, as it's completely tobacco-free. These pouches contain only nicotine and mouthwatering flavour. This product is similar to snus in that you tuck a pouch under your upper lip in order to enjoy it.

Environmental commitment

Nordic by nature, Scandinavian at heart and rooted in urban culture, GRITT aims to shake up the nicotine pouch sector. Its cans are made entirely out of recyclable plastic and easily reusable to minimise their environmental impact.