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Shop products from KIWI Vapor - the makers of the KIWI vape, a range of popular vape kits and disposable vapes. Buy your KIWI GO vapes now on Northerner and enjoy free shipping with every order!

Discover the KIWI Vape UK Range

Welcome to the world of KIWI Vape UK, home to a range of disposable vapes and vape kits, all crafted with premium ingredients and an array of popular flavours. 

The KIWI Vapes collection, including the popular KIWI GO disposable vape, offer a diverse selection of flavours and boasts sleek, pocket-friendly vape pen designs that effortlessly fit into your pocket or bag making it easy to take your vape on the go. Whether you opt for a KIWI vape kit or the convenient KIWI GO, KIWI Vape products have gained popularity among MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapers who are looking for a hassle-free vaping experience. The KIWI Vape UK lineup comprises two product lines:

  • - KIWI GO Disposable Vape
  • - KIWI Vape Kit

The KIWI GO Disposable Vape - A Convenient, Lightweight Vape Pen

The KIWI GO vape, often referred to as a "Puff Bar," is essentially a disposable electronic vape. The KIWI GO vapes are pre-charged and ready to use straight out of the box. With their inhale activation technology, taking a puff on the device activates it and allows you to use the device puff after puff. Each KIWI GO disposable vape is filled with 2ml of e-liquid and features a 20mg (2%) nicotine salt strength, ensuring compliance with TPD regulations.

KIWI vape pens provide the ultimate convenience with their disposable design. These devices are created using award-winning FEELM technology and are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. They require no charging, refills, or cleaning. The KIWI GO range offers an impressive selection of 12 flavours, each crafted with top-quality ingredients, including a variety of fruit, mint, and tobacco options. The draw-activated mechanism in these disposable vapes makes them incredibly user-friendly, delivering up to 750 puffs thanks to a 400mAh pre-charged battery.

Please note that KIWI vape pens should not be disposed of in regular bins due to the batteries.

KIWI Vape Kit - A Rechargeable and Refillable KIWI Vape Pen

For vapers in search of a user-friendly and cost-effective vaping solution, the KIWI Vape Kit is a solid choice. These vape kits can be recharged and refilled, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable vapes. Designed to cater to all vapers who prefer a refillable vape pod kit, these kits include a KIWI vape pen, a power bank, a refillable pod, a drip tip, a cotton tip, a wall charger, and a USB-C cable.

KIWI Vape Flavours: The Full List

The KIWI vape flavour list includes 12 different options to choose from:

  • - KIWI GO Mint Cream
  • - KIWI GO Coconut Milk
  • - KIWI GO Classic Tobacco
  • - KIWI GO Latte Ice
  • - KIWI GO Watermelon Ice
  • - KIWI GO Tangerine Ice
  • - KIWI GO Mango Ice
  • - KIWI GO Banana Ice
  • - KIWI GO Blueberry Ice
  • - KIWI GO Strawberry Ice
  • - KIWI GO Caramel Tobacco
  • - KIWI GO Grape Ice

KIWI Vape Nicotine Strengths - About KIWI Nicotine Salt E-Liquid

All KIWI vapes are pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid containing 20mg of nicotine salt, providing a smoother and more satisfying vaping experience compared to conventional freebase nicotine.

How to Use a KIWI Vape - A Step-By-Step

Using KIWI GO vapes is relatively straightforward. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

  1. 1. Prepare the Device. Take a "primer puff" to heat the coil without inhaling vapour. This primes the atomiser for optimal performance.
  2. 2. Inhale Confidently. Inhale slowly and steadily to fill your mouth with vapour, similar to the technique used when puffing on a cigar.
  3. 3. Hold and Inhale. Keep the vapour in your mouth for at least 3 seconds before drawing it into your lungs.

Order KIWI Vapes Online

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