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Lost Mary

Meet Lost Mary Vape - the renowned vape brand known for their disposable vapes such as the Lost Mary BM600 and Lost Mary QM600. Since its launch in 2022, Lost Mary has utilized their expertise in vaping technology to create high-quality, user-friendly vapes. Despite being a relatively new brand, Lost Mary Vape has quickly gained popularity among vapers in the UK. Explore our diverse range of Lost Mary vapes, available at affordable prices on Northerner.
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The Different Lost Mary Vapes Compared


ProductLost Mary BM600Lost Mary QM600
Number of Flavours Options30+15+
Nicotine Strength Options20mg20mg
Capacity2ml eliquid (up to 600 puffs)2ml eliquid (up to 600 puffs)
Capacity2ml eliquid (up to 600 puffs)2ml eliquid (up to 600 puffs)
Disposable Vape?YesYes

The Full UK Range of Lost Mary Vapes

Discover the range of Lost Mary Vape, a leading brand offering a wide range of vaping products tailored to all levels of vapers. With a strong focus on delivering top-quality devices and e-liquids, Lost Mary Vape ensures a user-friendly and enjoyable vaping experience for everyone, whether you're an experienced vaper or just starting out. 

Explore the full range of Lost Mary vape products available in the UK, including the popular Lost Mary BM600, Lost Mary QM600, and Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kits

Lost Mary Disposable Vapes: Convenience Meets Quality

Experience portability with Lost Mary disposable vapes, including the renowned Lost Mary QM600 and Lost Mary BM600. These disposable electronic vapes are pre-filled, pre-charged, and ready to use straight out of the box. Designed for a user-friendly experience, each Lost Mary vape has an inhale activation mechanism for a hassle-free vaping experience and has up to 600 puffs of use without the need for refilling or charging. The range of Lost Mary disposable vapes are compliant with UK regulations, containing a maximum of 2ml of e-liquid and 20mg (2%) nicotine salt strength. 

Lost Mary BM600: A Unique Vape Design 


The Lost Mary BM600stands out as one of the most recognizable vapes in the Lost Mary range. With its distinctive bottle-flask design and a wide selection of popular flavours, this classic disposable vape offers up to 600 puffs. Featuring a powerful built-in battery, the Lost Mary BM600 lasts up to the final puffs without any worries about running out of power. Built to withstand everyday use, this durable device is crafted with high-quality materials, providing peace of mind while you take your vape on the move. Try the Lost Mary BM600, offering over 30 unique flavours to choose from, including fruit, tobacco, menthol, and soda options.

Lost Mary QM600: Compact Convenience with Upgraded Vape Flavours

Introducing the Lost Mary QM600, a compact and pre-filled disposable vape pen designed for vapers on the move. Despite its small size, this high-quality disposable vape kit delivers consistently right up to the final puffs. With a range of over 15 flavors to suit every vapers preference, the Lost Mary QM600 guarantees a quality flavoured vape experience. Each vape pen is engineered to last up to 600 puffs, featuring a 1.2-ohm mesh coil for an upgraded vaping experience and 20mg of nicotine salts for an upgraded vape experience.  Enjoy the convenience and long-lasting performance of the Lost Mary QM600 disposable vape pen, perfect for all vapers. 

Lost Mary Tappo: A Compact Rechargeable Vape Pod Kit

The Lost Mary Tappo - the first Lost Mary pod kit! The Lost Mary Tappo pod kit gives UK vapers access to a range of 15 different flavours of pre-filled vape pods which are all compatible with the rechargeable Tappo device  - combined, these offer up to 600 puffs. These sleek and stylish vape pod kits come in a range of metallic colours and feature Lost Mary's signature bottle-flask shape, plus they contain 20mg nic salts for an upgraded experience. Enjoy an economical yet quality vape experience with a Lost Mary Tappo pod kit!

Lost Mary AM600: Ready Out of the Box

Experience quality design with the Lost Mary AM600, a compact disposable vape featuring a unique frosted finish and ergonomic vape pen design. Giving up to 600 puffs, the Lost Mary AM600 comes in a range of popular Lost Mary flavors, such as Pink Lemonade, Blueberry Sour Raspberry and Mad Blue. The AM600 device uses inhale activation technology, making it incredibly easy to use, and you can use it right out of the box. The Lost Mary AM600 is leakproof, prefilled with 2ml of 20mg (2%) nicotine salt e-liquid, and designed for a mouth-to-lung vaping experience.

Top 5 Lost Mary Disposable Vapes in the UK

While the ultimate choice depends on your personal preferences, here are the top 5 Lost Mary vapes preferred by UK vapers, available on Northerner:

  1. 1. Lost Mary BM600 Watermelon Ice
  2. 2. Lost Mary QM600 Mad Blue
  3. 3. Lost Mary BM600 Pink Lemonade
  4. 4. Lost Mary BM600 Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  5. 5. Lost Mary QM600 Cherry Ice

Lost Mary Vape Flavours: Over 30 Unique Flavours

Lost Mary vape strive to provide a flavoured vaping experience with their extensive range of quality and unique flavours. Crafted using high-quality ingredients, the range of Lost Mary e-liquids was developed to ensure a consistent and flavourful vape experience right up to hte final puffs. Whether you prefer vape flavours with fruity blends, cooling menthol or classic tobacco, Lost Mary vapes come in a flavour for you. Lost Mary vapes are constantly introduce unique flavor combinations based on vaper’s feedback. 

Lost Mary Prices

On Northerner, you can explore the full range of Lost Mary QM600 and Lost Mary BM600 disposable vapes, with Lost Mary prices starting at £3.80 per vape. For the best value, consider purchasing packs of 5 or 10 vapes, though individual Lost Mary bars are also available if you want to try several Lost Mary flavours! Shop with confidence, as Northerner offers fast and free shipping from our UK warehouse. Receive your favorite Lost Mary products directly at your doorstep within 2 working days. 
Order today from Northerner - offering quality nicotine products since 1998. 

Lost Mary FAQ

How Many Puffs in a Lost Mary?

A Lost Mary vape typically lasts 600 puffs.

Do You Have to Charge a Lost Mary Vape?

No, both the BM600 and QM600 Lost Mary disposable vape do not need to be charged and should not be charged. Once you have run out of puffs, just replace your vape kit with a new one.

Why Does My Lost Mary Taste Burnt?

If your Lost Mary vape has a burnt taste, it usually means that the wicking material hasn’t been saturated enough with eliquid. While it is rare that this happens, we recommend that you stop using your Lost Mary BM600 or QM600 and change it out for a new disposable vape device. 

Which Lost Mary Flavour is the Best?

Which flavour is best will depend on your flavour preferences. On Northerner, the most popular flavour Lost Mary vape is the Lost MaryBM600 Pink Lemonade