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The Lost Mary VMT BM600 (20mg) from the Lost Mary brand is a single-use vape that can be used for an estimated 600 inhalations. The product contains a mixture of grapes, blackcurrant, raspberry, and mixed berries flavours and carries a vape strength rating of 20mg.


Presenting: Lost Mary VMT BM600 (20mg)

The Lost Mary VMT BM600 (20mg) is a product from the Lost Mary brand, produced by Elf Bar. This is a single-use type of vape provides up to 600 activations by inhalation per unit. The vape strength is rated as 20mg and is activated by inhalation. It is considered disposable and may be chosen by those preferring simplicity in vaping.

Lost Mary VMT BM600 (20mg): Composition of Berries

The Lost Mary VMT BM600 (20mg) is a vaping product composed of berries including grapes, blackcurrant, raspberry. These flavours are integrated into the single-use design of the product.

Specifics regarding Lost Mary VMT BM600 (20mg)

The Lost Mary VMT BM600 (20mg) is a disposable vaping product with up to 600 activations by inhalation per unit. The vape strength rating is 20mg, which signifies a higher nicotine concentration. Its single-use design offers straightforward usage.

Comprehensive Details about Lost Mary VMT BM600 (20mg):

  • Category: Disposable Vape
  • Flavour Components: Grapes, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Mixed Berries
  • Producer: Elf Bar
  • Estimated Uses: Around 600 inhalations
  • Strength Rating: 20mg

Information on Lost Mary

Lost Mary is a brand involved in the provision of vaping products. It carries variants in flavours and product formats.

Brand Lost Mary
Format Disposable
Strength 20mg
Flavour Berry
Puffs 600
Product type Vape
Nicotine Format Salts
Chargable No
Activation Method Inhale activated
Made In China
Battery Type Integrated
Battery Capacity 550 mAh
Eliquid 2ml
Producer Elf Bar
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productextrasection/EXTRAS This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

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