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Welcome to Northerner UK, your top choice for premium tobacco-free snus and nicotine pouches. Our diverse range caters to all preferences, offering various strengths and flavours to suit your lifestyle. Enjoy a less harmful, smokeless nicotine experience with our products. We pride ourselves on competitive prices, excellent service, and fast delivery.

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What is Smokeless Tobacco Snus?

Snus (also known as “snuff” or “loose snus”) is a moist tobacco product originating from Sweden. Unlike traditional chewing tobacco, snus is placed under the upper lip and does not require spitting. It provides a steady release of nicotine. 

These days however, snus and nicotine pouches are often used synonymously to refer to tobacco-free pouches. We do not stock traditional snus that contains tobacco here at Northerner. Dive into the world of smokeless tobacco products and alternatives with Northerner UK today.

Snus vs Nicotine Pouches

The use of snus dates back to the 18th century. While both Swedish snus and nicotine pouches offer a smokeless experience, there’s a key difference: snus contains tobacco and tobacco leaves, whereas nicotine pouches are completely tobacco-free. Nicotine pouches only deliver nicotine, making them a less harmful option.
A commonly asked question is “is snus legal in the UK?” You cannot buy traditional tobacco snus in the UK. However, you can legally purchase tobacco-free snus (also known as nicotine pouches) in the UK if you are over 18 years old.

Tobacco-Free Snus Pouches

Tobacco-free snus, also known as white nicotine pouches or nicopods, are portioned pouches that contain nicotine without tobacco. Like tobacco snus, these pouches are placed between the lip and gum. These pouches were developed in Sweden, the land of tobacco snus, to provide a tobacco-free alternative.

Tobacco-Free Snus Flavours

At Northerner UK, we offer a wide variety of tobacco-free nicotine pouches in numerous flavours to suit every palate. From classic mint and refreshing citrus to bold berry and unique coffee, our selection ensures there's something for everyone.  Each pouch is crafted to provide consistent flavour and nicotine release for snus users. Here you can discover some of the most popular snus flavours among our smokeless tobacco users! 


Indulge in the invigorating freshness of mint and menthol. Perfect for those who crave a cool and revitalising experience. VELO Crispy Peppermint 10 mg is the top mint snus. 


These pouches deliver a delightful blend of various fruit essences, perfect for those who enjoy a sweet and fruity nicotine experience. Fix Peach Rhubarb 5.5 mg is the top fruit snus. 


Enjoy the rich, juicy and slightly tart taste of berries with our berry-flavoured pouches. XQS Blueberry Mint 8 mg is the top berry snus. 

You can also buy snus in other unique flavours, such as coffee, liquorice and even jalapeño fusion flavours! Don't miss out on all snus flavours on Northerner today!

Tobacco-Free Snus Strengths

Snus strengths vary, from normal to extra strong. Here's how we've categorised the different snus strength options here at Northerner: 

Northerner's Strength LevelNicotine Per PouchTop 3 Snus
Normal1.5 - 6 mgVELO Bright Spearmint Mini, ZYN Citrus Mini, and VELO Tropical Mango
Strong6.1 - 9 mgXQS Tropical Strong 8 mg, Nordic Spirit Mint 8.3 mg, and XQS Blueberry Mint 8 mg
Extra Strong9.1 - 20 mgVELO Crispy Peppermint 10 mg, VELO Freezing Peppermint 10.9 mg, and VELO Freezing Peppermint 17 mg

Tobacco-Free Snus Pouch Sizes

Like traditional snus, tobacco-free snus comes in several different formats. There are 3 different pouch sizes:


Mini pouches are the smallest size available. They typically come in lower nicotine strengths and are the most discreet of all the snus sizes. Mini snus are suitable for regular snus use. 


Slim pouches are slightly narrower than their normal counterparts. They are the most common pouch size and range from 4 mg all the way up to 20 mg of nicotine per pouch. 


Normal pouches are the largest snus pouch size. Not to worry, they still fit comfortably in between your lip and gums. Large snus usually contain higher nicotine contents. 

Top 5 Tobacco-Free Snus Pouches

Want to buy snus online? Try one of our top 5 tobacco-free snus pouches:

BrandProduct nameFlavourNicotine Per PouchDot Indicator
VELOCrispy PeppermintMint10 mg●●●●○○
VELOFreezing PeppermintMint & Menthol10.9 mg●●●●●○
VELOFreezing PeppermintMint & Menthol17 mg●●●●●●
VELOTropical MangoMint & Fruit10 mg●●●●○○
White FoxMintMint12 mg●●●●●○

Top 5 Tobacco-Free Snus Brands

So, which are the best snus brands in the UK? The top 5 tobacco-free snus brands on Northerner are: 




VELO offers a variety of high-quality nicotine pouches known for their refreshing flavours and innovative design.

Coming Soon

Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit delivers smooth, tobacco-free nicotine pouches with a range of distinctive flavours.


On! provides compact, discreet nicotine pouches in diverse flavours, perfect for on-the-go use.

White Fox

White Fox features strong nicotine pouches with bold flavours and a sleek, modern presentation.


XQS offers uniquely flavoured nicotine pouches that stand out for their quality and innovative taste combinations.

How to Use Nicotine Pouches

Using nicotine pouches is straightforward and hassle-free. Follow these simple steps to enjoy your nicotine experience to the fullest:

  • 1. Pick Your Pouch: Choose the flavour and strength that suits your taste and needs from our extensive selection.
  • 2. Open the Container: Snap open the container to reveal the fresh nicotine pouches inside.
  • 3. Position the Pouch: Place one pouch gently under your upper lip, positioning it on either the left or right side.
  • 4. Savour the Sensation: Allow the pouch to rest in place. The nicotine and flavour will be gradually released, providing a satisfying experience.
  • 5. Dispose After Use: Once the flavour fades, typically after 30 minutes, remove the pouch and discard it responsibly.

It’s that simple! Enjoy the rich, tobacco-free experience of nicotine pouches with ease.

Where to Buy Snus (UK)

You can buy tobacco-free snus in certain physical stores, however the best place to buy snus is online as you can get your nicotine pouches in packs of 5, 10 and even 20 for the best value. 

Northerner is one of the oldest and most trusted online snus shops, operating since 1998. We have a premium selection of tobacco-free snus at affordable prices with free, fast delivery with no minimum order from our UK warehouse.

Snus FAQ

How Much Does Snus Cost?

At Northerner, FIX offers the most affordable tobacco-free snus at £3.19 per can. For even better value, purchase in bulk: 20 cans bring the cost down to just £2.49 each.

Does Northerner Have Free Shipping?

Yes, tobacco-free snus orders on Northerner come with free UK shipping. 

Which is the Most Popular Flavour of Tobacco-Free Snus?

In the UK, the most popular nicotine pouch flavours are mint and fruit. However, the most popular tobacco-free snus online is VELO Crispy Peppermint 10 mg.

What is Snus?

Snus is a moist, smokeless nicotine product traditionally made with tobacco, placed under the upper lip. However, our products are tobacco-free, providing a less harmful nicotine experience.

How Should I Store Snus?

Store snus in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration can extend shelf life, preserving flavour and potency. 

Can I use nicotine pouches to quit smoking? 

We do not promote nicotine pouches as a smoking cessation tool. They are designed to offer a tobacco-free nicotine experience. For quitting smoking, please consult with a healthcare professional for advice and support.