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Best Snus Flavours in the UK

Best Snus Flavours in the UK

When choosing a snus flavour, there are a few things to consider. The range of flavours available in the UK today is so vast that it can be difficult to know where to start. Depending on your preference, not all flavours are going to hit the mark.

So which flavour of nicotine pouches should you choose? That’s the topic of this guide. We run through our popular flavours, what makes them great and why you should choose them.

Here’s a quick list of the most popular nicotine pouch flavours on the market today

  • - Mint
  • - Cola Sour
  • - Icemint
  • - Freeze
  • - Orange
  • - Minty Lemon
  • - Honeymelon
  • - Raspberry
  • - Ice Tea Peach
  • - Berry 
  • - Chili Guava
  • - Espressino

Mint Flavour

Nordic Spirit’s Mint nicotine pouches offer a classic minty flavour better than most brands. The brand makes its mint nicotine pouch with plant-based fibres for a more natural mouth feel. You will start tasting the flavour as you put the pouch under your lip. The flavour then continues to build for quite some time, thanks to its careful formulation. 

Nordic Spirit’s Mint flavour is available in Extra Strong, with 10.3 mg of nicotine per pouch, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a cigarette alternative. 

Cola Sour

VID’s Cola Sour is one of the nicotine pouches available, combining the sweetness of cola with the tartness of citrus. Cola Sour is appealing because most people know and love the flavour already. Almost anyone can enjoy it without having to readjust their palate. 

As for strength, VID’s regular Cola Sour snus contains 6.7 mg per pouch while the extra strength version offers 8.9 mg per pouch. Higher strengths are also available for these nicotine pouches.


Icemint is a flavour developed by the snus brand Fumi. It combines mint with additional ingredients, like menthol. The purpose of Icemint is to deliver a flavour and nicotine level that will appeal to most people.

Naturally, the product is one of the strongest in Fumi’s range, containing 11.2 mg nicotine per pouch.


Freeze is a unique flavour by VELO aiming to inspire the same reaction as Icemint - a minty herbiness combined with a high nicotine content of 7.6 mg per pouch. (Extra strong versions have more nicotine). Reviewers say that VELO offers an aroma of peppermint with some menthol in the mix. There is a subtle sweetness, but not as much as some other nicotine pouches. 

Freeze releases its flavour slowly, along with the nicotine. The latter takes around 45 minutes to get into your system.


Orange is a popular nicotine pouch flavour many brands offer. However, Helwit has one of the best. Its product gives you a sweet taste of oranges in a slim format that lasts a long time.

The company makes its Orange snus in Gransholms Bruk, near Växjö in Sweden, using environmentally friendly methods. The packaging is recyclable while power for its factory comes from a nearby hydroelectric plant. 

Helwit’s Orange nicotine pouches have 4.5mg per pouch. As with its other lines, the product is smoke- and tobacco-free for discreet use while on the move. 

Minty Lemon

Minty Lemon is a popular flavour from VID, offering 6.7mg of nicotine per pouch in a slim format. Reviewers love the mix of mint and lemon, it is a particularly popular flavour among those who like citrusy or minty chews and gums. 

As you might expect, minty lemon has a complex taste profile. It brings together two flavours you don’t normally encounter in regular food, putting them into a single pouch. Some reviewers point to Minty Lemon having an aftertaste, which is common among nicotine pouches. Natural compounds in the pouch linger on the tongue, creating a more complex taste. 


Klint designed its Honeymelon flavour to give users something different from the usual mint or menthol options. The name is a shortening of “honeydew melon,” the sweet yellow fruit with a flavour that gives the product its taste. 

As you might expect, Honeymelon is a flavour option that delivers complex notes from the natural fruit. These shine through thanks to Klint’s high-quality production methods. Even so, the flavour might not be for everyone. Most fruity nicotine patches use berries or citrus which offer tartness and sourness, but this product from Klint is more reserved.

As for strength, Honeymelon is 0.8% nicotine by weight and comes in 20-portion packs that weigh 14 grams. Use it as a sweet alternative to Klint’s tangier flavours. 

Ruby Raspberry

Ruby Raspberry is a popular flavour by VID which tastes almost identical to real raspberries’ sweet tartness. It is popular in the UK because of its similarity to much-loved flavours in the diet, like raspberry ripple ice cream or raspberry compote. 

The nicotine pouches last for 30 to 45 minutes under normal use, giving it plenty of time to release the advertised nicotine dose through the gum lining. 

Ice Tea Peach

Peach ice tea is a rare flavour in the UK when it comes to nicotine pouches, but Après offers it as part of its collection of novel flavours designed to spice up the market. Combining the fruitiness of peach with notes of iced tea gives it a complex and memorable taste.

According to reviewers, Ice Tea Peach works because you get the right balance of sweetness and bitterness. Users love the dual flavour profile and praise Après for being bold in its formulation. With that said, peach iced tea is an acquired taste, so there may be better options available for some people. 

Après Ice Tea Peach offers 4.4mg of nicotine per pouch, placing it in the “normal” strength category. Those looking for more of a kick will need a higher-strength product.


Berry is another popular nicotine pouch flavour in the UK. However, it is different from the fruity options discussed so far because it doesn’t focus on a single ingredient. Instead, its flavour profile comes from a mixture of dark, sour fruits. 

On! makes one of the best berry-flavoured nicotine pouches on the market. It combines currants (black and red) with blackberries for a tart mixed berry flavour. Users report this flavour has a deep flavour profile which continues the longer it stays under the lip. Moreover, it doesn’t have the sweetness that many fruity pouches bring, giving it a different character. 

On! focuses on tartness with this product. If you want a berry flavour that’s not quite as sour, stick with blueberry.  

Chili Guava

ZYN’s Chili Guava flavour nicotine pouches are among the most unique on the UK market. This product combines tropical guava fruit with the kick of Mexican hot peppers, transporting you on an Aztec journey. 

People love Chili Guava because it is unique. The combination of spicy, sweet and tropical fruit gives your tongue something new to think about. However, you’ll want to stay away from this option if you don’t like spicy flavours. The chilli has quite a kick, which might be uncomfortable for some people. 

Lastly, ZYN’s Chili Guava pouches last from 30 to 45 minutes. The sharpness from the chilli is more noticeable when you first place the pouch and slowly reduces afterwards.


Finally, we have Espressino, another customer favourite from ZYN combining coffee, chocolate, Italian nougat and vanilla pods. It’s available in nicotine strengths of 6mg/pouch and 15mg/pouch – perfect for anyone who loves the flavour of coffee in the morning. 

Users love how Espressino seems to combine all the barista flavours into one. The nicotine pouches deliver a complex taste for up to 45 minutes, with the inclusion of nougat adding sweetness to counter the bitterness of the coffee beans.

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