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Vape Pods

Northerner's range of vape pods offers a range of popular vape pods in the UK that cater to the needs of both beginner and advanced vapers. These pods come in a range of different flavours and are made to simply attach to the right battery and you'll have a ready-to-use vape pod kit!

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Vape Pod Kits UK

Vape pods provide a convenient way to vape as they come with a battery and interchangeable pods. Unlike other disposables, vape pods don't require a vape tank. Instead, they have a sealed system that houses the eliquid and coil, eliminating the hassle of having to assemble your device. Simply attach the right pod to the battery and you'll have a ready-to-use vape pod kit!

Vape Pod Mods: How They Work

Vape pods (otherwise known as Pod Systems, Pod Vapes or Pod Mods) are composed of two parts: the battery and the pod itself. As opposed to other vape devices, the tank and coil are already housed in the disposable eliquid pod, making it easier to use. One eliquid pod typically lasts an average vaper 3-5 days, though this may vary depending on usage.

Types of Vape Pod Mods

Vapers have two choices of vape pod mod systems to choose from - open and closed. An open system pod is refillable, as the cartridge is typically detached from the top and filled with eliquid. Conversely, a closed system pod is pre-filled and cannot be recharged. These are simple to use, as all you need to do is plug the pod into your device, vape, and then replace the pod when it is done. Examples of closed system vapes include ELFA Pods and Elf Bar Mate 500.

Disposable Vapes vs Vape Pod Mods

The biggest differences between vape pod systems and disposable vapes is the configuration of the vape device. Pod systems are a form of refillable vapes - fitted with a pod you can change out or refill when you run out of eliquid, and a battery you can charge when it runs out. However, disposable vapes are prefilled with elquid and cannot be refilled, deconstructed pr charged like vape pods. 

Where to Buy Vape Pod Kits (UK)

You can buy your vape pod kits and pod refills on Northerner. Northerner is the oldest retailer of tobacco-free nicotine products, with all the popular brands and fast delivery from our UK warehouse. Buy vape pod kits from ELFA and Elf Bar Mate 500, as well as the P1 pods and ELFA pods.