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Explore the diverse range of Vuse Vapes, formerly known as Vype, offering quality vaping products that have become a global sensation. With constant innovation and an array of flavours, Vuse has emerged as a leading vape brand. Find the full range of Vuse products and get fast, free shipping with Northerner.
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Comparing Vuse UK Products

Vuse Go 700Vuse Go 1000Vuse GO Edition 01Vuse Pro
ProductVuse Go 500Vuse Go 700Vuse GO Edition 01Vuse Pro
Device TypeDisposableDisposableDisposablePod Kit
Number of Flavour Options5+10+6+30+
Nicotine Strength Options10mg and 20mg10mg and 20mg20mg0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg
ChargeNo charging required - use straight out the boxNo charging required - use straight out the boxNo charging required - use straight out the boxQuick USB charging - 370mAh battery
Capacity2ml eliquid (up to 500 puffs)2ml eliquid (up to 700 puffs)2ml eliquid (up to 600 puffs)2ml eliquid (up to 600 puffs)
ActivationSimple draw activationSimple draw activationSimple draw activationSimple draw activation

All You Need to Know About Vuse UK Products

As a global brand, Vuse (formerly Vype) delivers high-quality vaping products to UK vapers. From disposable vapes to vape pods and e-liquids, Vuse caters to every vaper's needs. Their extensive range includes Vuse Go, Vuse Go Editions, Vuse ePod, Vuse ePen, Vuse eTank, and Vuse e-liquids.

Vuse Disposable Vapes: Introducing Vuse Go and Vuse Go Editions

Vuse offers two popular disposable vape options: Vuse Go and Vuse Go Editions. These pre-filled vapes are ready to use straight out of the box, eliminating the need for refilling or recharging. Engineered for a consistent vaping experience, these portable vapes come in various flavours and fit easily into your pocket or purse. On Northerner, you can choose between the Vuse Go 700, Vuse Go 1000 and Vuse Go Editions 01 disposable vapes.

Vuse Go: Convenient and Reliable

The Vuse Go is a compact and reliable disposable vape that provides a hassle-free vaping experience. With a wide selection of flavours, including classic tobacco, menthol, and fruity blends, Vuse Go ensures satisfaction on the go. Enjoy the quality and reliability of Vuse Go, available on Northerner.

Vuse Go Edition 01: User-Friendly and Portable

Designed with a sleek and compact bottle-flask device, the Vuse Go Edition 01 offers ease of use and portability. Choose from a range of flavours, such as tobacco, menthol, and fruit, conveniently pre-filled in each device. Experience a user-friendly vape that you can enjoy and responsibly dispose of when finished.

Vuse Vape Kits: Discover the Vuse Pro Kit

If you seek a convenient and affordable vaping solution, consider the Vuse Pro - a Vuse vape kit. These rechargeable pod kits provide a hassle-free vaping experience. With stylish and ergonomic designs, these kits offer a range of metallic colours and popular pod flavours. Enjoy all-day vaping without worrying about running out of power.

Vuse ePod: Quick Charging and Enhanced Design

Experience the Vuse ePod with its quick charge feature and modern angular finish. With enhanced water resilience and improved battery indication, the Vuse ePod provides a reliable vaping experience. Available in metallic colors, this rechargeable device charges 80% in just 35 minutes.

Vuse ePen: Fast Charging and LED Battery Indication

Meet the Vuse ePen, the fastest charging vape kit from Vuse. With its enhanced design and LED battery indication, the Vuse ePen ensures you never miss a vape. Charge your device in around 50 minutes and enjoy the metallic soft-touch finish available in six color options.

Vuse Pods and E-liquids: Compact and Lots of Flavour Options

Vuse pods come in two varieties: the Vuse ePOD (compatible with Vuse Pro kits) and Vuse ePEN pods (compatible with the Vuse ePen), providing a compact and flavoured vaping experience. These prefilled pods come in a range of flavours and strength options. Vuse e-liquids are available in various nicotine strengths and flavour blends.

Discover the Best Vuse Vapes UK

While the best Vuse vape for you may vary, the most popular choices on Northerner include:

  1. Vuse Go Watermelon Ice
  2. Vuse Go Strawberry Ice
  3. Vuse Go Mango Ice
  4. Vuse Go Blueberry Ice
  5. Vuse Go Mint Ice